Help Rally Ryu and Ken!

Gamefaqs contest, involving rivalries and Ryu and Ken are currently getting beat up by Pokemon Trainers. This site help MvC2 beat NSMBW last year on a Gamefaqs contest, Ryu and Ken need your help now.

Poll is on the right.

kill yoself

ryu and ken have always gone back and forth because they’re a bunch of noobs

but blue? blue always counterpicks. he’s playing to win.

i voted for the pokemon trainers

Actually Ryu is way better than Ken canon.

Voted for pokemon trainers too btw

Sorry, I only vote for freedom.

Hahahahaha…fuck no.

Voted for my niggas and them animal trainers.

Is it wrong?

To be strong?

When will the rest of SRK realize that GD doesn’t play by their rules.

Besides Ryu and Ken are bros, if it was like Ryu and Akuma maybe.

Word. Ryu and Ken only spar. Of course their spars obliterate entire villages, but yeah… I voted for Pokemon, like my man Cain over there! :tup:

Look up ryu training on google image search if you want to see one of these sparring sessions.

so this is were stupid lives?

Where*, also “so” should be capitalized, like So.

if i cared about that i would have posted that why, but but but obviously i dont give a fuck… just saying

Almost there…

Yes…you are stupid.

ok yes im lazy when typing so is that a crime now? plz give me my ticket fucking idiots

Someone is salty over being called out.

Makes me sick to see Pokemon winning this.

I voted for Ryu/Ken on this. I entered the contest (and only missed 6 pts out of 76), and have Red/Blue in my bracket to win this battle, but I actually would like the fighters to take this.

And to clarify, the pairs in this contest don’t necessarily have to be rivals. The description of the contest states that any of the pairs may consist of…

“Good versus Evil. Black versus White. Friend versus Friend. Us versus Them.”

So, Ryu/Ken fit the bill as fighting duos, while Red/Blue are true rivals.

Voted Ryu and Ken.
I’ve always hated Pokemon.