Help rearranging buttons on the TE stick?

If I wanted to mod my TE stick to a mortal kombat layout or a hitbox layout, does anyone know someone or a store that would sell custom metal faceplate work? This would require me getting some custom plexi glass cut and a custom metal faceplate cut right? Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Madcatz sells an official Mortal Kombat panel, as for hitbox layouts, you’ll probably have to convert your own.

You can go to Art’s Hobbies and order a Plexiglass replacement panel with a custom layout. He has the standard MK layout but for the hitbox and vewlix-MK layout you’ll have to make that yourself using his template maker.

You can also try blklightning’s thread as he makes metal replacement panels.

Either of these are standalone solutions, you don’t need both.