HELP! Recommend External HD for failing drive


So I woke up this morning and my computer tells me OS (Win7 Ultimate) not found. A couple of reboots and it makes it to the login screen, but its crawling like a snail after enter my password. The laptop then tells me that one of my hard drives has failed and to backup immediately.

I want to backup my stuff on an External 1.5TB HD, before I have the failed one replaced. I’d order it today if someone can recommend me something. A good reliable brand, with good transfer (USB) speed and has an imaging feature, but not necessary. Most importantly, I just want to be able to re-load my files onto the new HD without a hassle after I back everything up.

Thanks in advance.


Just did this myself. Got a Western Digital My Passport 1TB for like 100 bones. If you have USB 3.0, even better. Shit, you could even make a small bootable partition for windows 7 and the rest for storage.


I like Acronis for imaging. I would be very surprised if there is a consumer level drive that ships with imaging software. Get what you can afford. I prefer the 2.5 drives that don’t need external power.


Western Digital and Seagate are two of the best brands in my opinion.