Help regarding makin a custom sticks

so i am tryin to make my own custom stick… (for fun)

My plan is to buy a ps1 controller and pull out the chip and re-wire it with happ buttons and a p360 joystick…

Are these easy to do?
the re-wiring parts?

as for the cuttin boards… anyone got like a templete or anything that can help?

PSX controllers are easy to hack.

Check out this site for guidance:

easy my ass…
lol j/k…
Thank you so much!
no, really though… this shit is hella hard!
or atleast it looks hard…

do i really need those glue gun? is there anyway to do it manuel( using hands ) ?

It’s only hard if you don’t know what you’re doing… :looney:

The hot glue gun is a nice thing to have just so it keeps the wires in place after you’ve soldered them. The traces on many controller PCB’s are very thin and can be ripped off easily.

They are dirt cheap anyways, so there’s no excuse not to have one.

If you dont know how to solder either learn how or get someone to help you.

yeah, i never learned how to solder, so do you have to solder and hot glue?

You do not need hot glue to solder. Using hot glue on PCBs is a debated issue here. I personally think it is unneeded and messy.

You should really read the sticky threads. There is a ton of stuff on stick building and soldering.

Read the stickies and do some research before you post asking for help, PLEASE.