Help Remy beat shoto

Anybody have some ideas to share on beating shotos with Remy. I have a huge problem facing them for some reason, especially Ken.

every time they tornado kick u should RRf =P shotos hate Guile like chars for there flash kicks. But beware the evil shoryuken! Its sux when u miss ur RRF and a ryu SAI’s u. ouch. the damge with remy. =( not very fun. just keep ur distance in my opinion. cause most shoto’s i know shoryuken everytime when they wake up. so my guess is dont rush when they fall. Beware the Scrubs of ken!!! “dun dun dun” theres a guy at my arcade who we call monster mash. or mashed potatoes. Because he mashes the shit out ken. like doin 360’s on the stick trying to do his SA 1 why he choose that special "shrugs"
no idea

Yeah man i get alot of SHin shoryukens on me against ryu chras and infact sometimes it the only reason they beat me alot of the time, i get real greedy with RRF. I have switched over not totally though to SAI with Remy. I find its much safer and for some stupid reason i can combo it better (lol). I can handle the masher players, but its the players who are GOOD at begin shoto that bother me so i was wondering if there were any shoto SPECIFIC stuff i need to know

do they sweep u alot?

sometimes doing a cbk instead of throwing works, sa1 is the best super versus a shoto cus if they dash in u can just crouching short then super.

u wanna stay just out of sweep range and u will do better, throw lov’s from there and cbk when they sweep.