Help Request: Neo Geo MVS art for Qanba Q1

I’m working on an Neo Geo MVS overlay for my Qanba Q1, and wanted to know if someone more experienced with design could lend a hand. I’ve spent a long time working on a design, but it’s just not coming together how I’d like. If anyone would like to lend a hand, I’d be extremely grateful and would give credit when I post the design for others to use.

Here] are proper Q1 template files, along with a really nice Corel Draw template with Neo Geo MVS control panel layout and art:!FQ1hXaLB!lsn65Zx7LAdy5p-GEnIPOoIZ_akSYIj3r7vRS1m0WCA

This is the best Q1 design that I could design on my own (The red border is bleed)

Things I would like to change:
Remake the design using the higher-resolution vector graphics from the Corel Draw template
Round the corners of the red striped area like on an MVS cab
Add a black outline around the buttons in the MVS style

Part of the bleed and artifacts is from the jpeg format and how jpeg compress images.

I’m actually working in a PSD file for the actual design, so the artifacts aren’t there in the file that that preview is based on. I’d like to do the whole thing using vector graphics from the ground up, but I’m just not very skilled with Illustrator or Corel Draw.

Excuse me, would it be alright if I could have the template you used?