Help Requested: Wine spilled on MC TE stick - fixable?


Hiya, folks. I’m posting on behalf of my friend, who’s stick got messed up last night while we were playing. He owns a SSFIV MadCatz TE and his cat knocked over his wine. While most of the stick was spared, about a teaspoon of liquid splashed the turbo button. Now turbo is freaking out and it seems to be messing up everything else. It started with one button being stuck on turbo but now all of them are messed up. Again, the small amount of liquid only got down through the turbo button plate. He doesn’t want to buy a new stick and he is will to disconnect turbo permanently if that will fix it, but we don’t know what we are doing or what to avoid doing.

Any help or advice would be appreciated!


Sure, your ‘friend’… :slight_smile:

If the turbo panel hasn’t fried the motherboard then just take it apart and carefully clean the whole thing with rubbing alcohol. Hopefully it will start working again…


Haha, I knew someone would say that!

So how do we know if the motherboard is fried? He opened up the stick and everything looks fine. But I don’t know what needs to be cleaned, what wires are what, what controls what (beyond a hunch). Are you saying just wipe everything with rubbing alcohol and leave the rest as it is? Or is further disassembly of component parts required?



Get rid of any traces of the wine that you can. I’d personally dismantle the turbo panel completely and give the pcb, plastic, and switches a thorough rub down. If it still doesn’t work after removing the contaminant then it doesn’t bode well for the rest of the circuitry.


Liquids or if the wine dries any sticky residue can short out your stick and fry the Main PCB. Same goes for soda, juice, coffee, beer, milk or any other beverage.
The fact it got power while liquids are spilled does not bode well for your stick.

It seems you tried to Test out your stick while fluids are still spilled inside. That was your second mistake.
Next time this happen to anything electrical, unplug it, power down, and turn off the device. If said device has batteries remove them pronto.


Yeah, I know all that. My dumb friend was the one who kept testing it. We were playing online so I wasn’t anywhere near it.

Thanks for the advice guys!


Ps3 or 360 if 360 you might be able to toss that pcb and wire up a new home and or turbo button to the main pcb I think but a more experienced modder should probably sign off on that before you try it


Yeah, it all really depends whether main bored is good or fried chicken. If its ps3 then you have a lot of options to replace the PCB with. Cheapest being the lagless encoder that already comes with qds