Help...round restrictor gate fo madcatz te?

can anyone tell me if there is a round restrictor gate that i can use to replace the square one in a madcatz te fight stick? thatnks in advance

you have to sand a 2 way restrictor gate into a circle.

Get one of these.
Sanwa GT-2F 2-Way Restrictor Plate

Use this adapter to make your JLF series stick dedicated 2-way. Snaps in using existing tabs on joystick body. Plastic.


And some 100 grit sandpaper and wrap it around a marker. Sand it to a circle.

thanks dude…i jus cant get accustomed to the squregate… i dont have anything against the square gate but it jus feels weired

edit: wat should be the size of the circle wen finished?

This would probably be better

Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate

This makes a Sanwa JLF make it seem like an American joystick by making it “cornerless.” It’s easier to use since you just have to purchase it and don’t have to do any sanding at all.

On a quick note, give the stock square gate some time. Took me a month to get used to it, but now I love it. If it still doesn’t feel comfortable, get the Octagonal Restrictor Plate.

I liked the square gate right away since it made Balrog’s low dashing punch so much easier to execute.

Consider looking at the engagement zones for different restrictors before you decide to modify.

I agree with Funky F. The Octo gate will give you a much more of a circular range of motion when compared to the square gate. If the square gate is not working for you, give this a try.

Agreed, the octogonal gate fixed all my problems! Its extremely easy to do all the moves now!

I think the idea of sanding a 360 gate for the JLF sounds pretty cool. I’d be concerned about getting it perfectly even.

You could try buying an LS-32-01 and a round restrictor for that. That’s plug n’ play with the TE panel.

I’ve never had a problem with square gates or any others. For me its feeling more than execution, and for that I prefer the square myself.

I will try the octo gate and will get the round one for sure. I will make one from the 2 way and if it doesn’t feel right i’ll get the siemitsu stick with the round gate, and keep all of the restrictor gates; just in case i wanna swap in the future. Thanks for all the help guys.

Octo gates don’t make a JLF feel more like an American stick. It makes a JLF feel like a shitty Japanese stick. If the shape of the gate is fucking you up, you’re using the stick wrong. You don’t need to ride the gate. Make smaller motions.

Still, sometimes, you are going to hit the gate. When this happens, you are at a disadvantage on an Octo gate as it makes the stick longer throw.

Plus if you ever play arcade on Japanese parts, it’s going to be square.

hi. i was told by a rep in lizardlick that someone here can make round gates modding this octogonal gate. i have looked through 10 pgs on the search but can’t seem to get the result i want. If anyone knows the user that provides this type of service, please keep me informed. thank you.

this one is better

just what i needed. thanks a lot guys. much appreciated.

I just swapped my square gate out for the octo today. Definitely a more fluid range of motion and worth the $5.00USD at LizardLicks. Of course if you are going for a more “american feel”, you may as well replace the handle with a bat-style top and swap out the JLF’s stock spring for something a tad stiffer.

Any suggestions on the spring type? Or would coiling two standard JLF springs together make the stick too stiff? Personally, I am looking for something comparable to the spring in HAPP’s competition stick. But nothing like the stiffness of the Perfect 360.