Help running VS

I can’t run it. It says that I’m missing some files. Any help?

The jap and euro versions work fine. The files that the US version are missing may be in either of the working versions, and might be able to be included in the US .zip and get it working (I got US SSF2T working in this manner, by pulling the necessary files from SSF2X).

:edit: With all of the VS releases now in my ROM folder, the US version is working. Clones often cross-reference the parent, so obviously one of the other region releases (probably the jap release) is the parent and the US is a clone. Grab the Euro and Jap versions, and the US version will work.

My VS rom set ( contains all the bios for the other version so that I can play all 5.

Ok, I got the Jap. 970913 version up and running. Thanks for all the help guys. Not it’s time for me to get owned in Kaillera! :party:

yay! more players!