Help salvaging an rj45 mod

So I made the mistake of just cutting wires off my mc cthulhu to try the undo a gone bad rj45. Any advice getting the strands of wire off?

Heat up the throughhole with a soldering iron and gently pull the wire from the molten solder with tweezers.

I tried that the iron and tweezers keep getting in the way of each other.

Try using some flux and some desolder braid to soak up leftover solder

I have been trying flux but it’s mostly because what’s left of my soldering iron’s tip being all up in the way that’s the problem because they do move around.

You need to learn to clean that tip after each use. and pre tint the tip before starting.

As this point you need a new tip

That is my dad’s iron and it was like that before I started using it.

Either way, that tip seen better days, ether see if you can clean it up, get the tip replaced, or get a new iron.