Help! Sanwa snap-ins + Plexi + wood layer = problem?


I’m about to build my first stick, and I really would like to use Sanwa snap-ins (for color reasons). I’m gonna build a rectangular frame made of wood with little wood blocks glued to the corners so I can internally fix the top and bottom panels.

My question is, is it possible to build a reliable 4mm panel with just plexi and wood? Say, 2mm plexi + 1mm art sheet + 1mm wood sheet? According to my research, 4mm is the thickest panel you can fit Sanwa snap-ins into.

Of course, there’s gonna be a 10mm wood panel beneath everything (where the stick is supposed to be mounted on) with a proper hole in the button section. I’m going for a Vewlix layout, so this hole is most likely going to have the shape of a convex polygon.

But… is this build likely to bend in the button section under stress? I’m afraid I’m gonna have to get a 2mm metal panel and then look for 1mm plexi… That wouldn’t be nice.

Thank you!

you could make the button holes in the wood layer larger, so that the snap-ins hook only onto the plexy and the wood is ignored.

And you do not have to make the radius of each hole bigger, just give enough clearance for the plastic tabs that hold the buttons in place to have room. Two little notches on each side to accommodate for the plastic tabs.

This is what you want to do (as stated previously by Darksakul)

Notice those notches? They will let you mount your snap ins on your plexy or lexan.

My question is, do you guys know if this will ruin art with time?

What color is not available in sanwa are you talking about grey/black? you can order the the buttons separate from lizardlick

You could always make an open box with a metal plate and plexi as the main playing area like how my Qanba is designed. The buttons in the plexi were 30mm whereas the metal plate has notches to lock the buttons in. One thing that won’t fit are the Sanwa snap in button plugs from what I’ve tried on my Qanba.

Lexan is pretty damn thick, just the right amount for snap ins. As the pictures show you can just drill recesses for the button tabs in the wood panel.

Hmmm… I see! Clever solution, makes perfect sense :smiley:

Thanks for the pictures, they made it way easier to see the solution put together :smiley:

And… you raised a good question. Actually, I’m afraid the very fact of fitting the snap-in button through the plexi + art holes without something underneath the art is likely to ruin it :frowning: But hey… if I manage to gently hold the plastic tabs while installing the buttons, I guess my problem is gone. I suppose the plastic tabs’ springs are not that tough, right?

As far as I know, Sanwa screw-ins have very limited color options. I’m going for black rims.

I’m not going for metal plates this time. They’re not easy to order over here. And lexan is unfortunately out of question. :frowning:

Well, this solution is gonna force me to pass some bolts through the layers in order to keep the panel attached (the original 1mm wood layer was supposed to be glued to the thicker wood layer, which itself would be glued to the frame). But you can’t have everything, right? :slight_smile: Thanks everybody for the help! :smiley:

depending on where you are located. My DIY panels may be perfect for you.

No problem mate! :slight_smile:

BTW, where did you get 1 mm wood?? The thinest I’ve ever seen is 3 mm MDF

probably some form of hardboard.

use the same stuff for my customs with mdf/melamine for a the main CP with 45mm holes and 30mm holes into the hardboard + plexi

be careful though, I’ve had some problems removing the buttons from plexi sometimes. be firm but gentle otherwise you could inadvertently crack the plexi

Yep, that’s actually a type of hardboard. I’d glue the wood side of it to the frame joints.

Thanks for the advice, mr.mortified. Cracking that plexi would be chaos!

Anyone with experience on this subject??
Installing a metal panel just for the buttons is out of the question at the moment, sorry.