Help Send Me To Korea..!

Hey guys,

First of all - This isn’t spam. I need your guys’ support.

I have been around for quite some time now, but haven’t been competing for a while. For those of you that may remember me:
My name is Gene Wong aka HAK. I’ve competed at EVO several times and have made it to finals a couple times for the ancient game, Capcom Vs SNK 2…
Now I need your help.

I entered a contest for YG Entertainment.
The winner of the contest gets to fly to Korea for free and gets a tour of the YG Office.
The contest is for cover videos on youtube. I put mine up covering Big Bang’s Blue on guitar.
Viewable Here:

Now regardless if you hate Big Bang or the music, this is supporting me and my dreams. I have always wanted to go to Korea and have tried for years to get my name out there musically. Although I usually play different genre, this may be my big opportunity to break out.

So once again, please help me out.

To vote:
It will take less than a minute, promise
2. Sort (Date added) to (Most Popular)
3. Find my video and LIKE IT!

Or** **
Just simply click here to vote for me(I heard this link may not work for some. above method is more reliable)
[LEFT]and you can spread it on your facebook at this event page:[/LEFT]

I have been told sometimes that there’s an error, but when a pop-up arrises, I believe you have voted for me. Otherwise, you can sort by “Most Popular” and you will find my video there (ctrl+f “HAK107”) and just press the “LIKE” button.

I don’t mean to bother, but I would like to try to reach out to a community that I once relied on for help.

Any help at all would be sincerely appreciated, Thank you so much.
-Gene Wong

voting now, Hope you can get the W on this.

I hope I voted. Think I did anyway. G’luck man! :tup:

You should have worn a police uniform & posted it in FGD…I like makes dreams come true, so i voted for you…

You’ve got my vote!

Think I voted for you, clicked on the like button and got that pop-up you mentioned.
Now, where can someone in America get this album?

I don’t know if I did the right thing. I clicked LIKE and some moon language pop up came up.

Well I was gonna vote the for the other guy in the contest I didn’t know about in the language I didn’t understand, but you seem much cooler guy I don’t know - so you can take it.

Just wanna say you were mad good at CvS2, shame you don’t compete anymore but I guess this is a picture perfect example of how life moves us in different ways - someone needs to get this FP’ed, love these success stories.

was it more understandable than my shoe language?
wy93 oqhtuuqt3 8w 5y3 r7udi8ht g3w5l t35 q5 m3

ill vote at a later time.

If you ever get popular enough to appear on MBC’s Music Core, remember to give a shoutout to the guys at SRK. :tup:

You got my vote. Good luck! :wink:

Voted! Best of luck!

At least we know the gender of this request up front.

Actually im still not sure…

Good luck!

I voted for you. Good luck on your journey.

I’m not familiar with you as a tournament player, but I voted anyway. Glad to be a part of something that could make a persons dreams come true!

Good luck!

Voted gl

take it home cold!

i’ll click ur link but once ur over in korea u better not go around claiming sexual harassment