Help: Seth Strategy Compilation.



Hi everyone, just want to make this short & sweet, i’ll be making a video soon covering a wide variety of Seth’s options & situations, some of it will be character specific, but for the most part it will be accessible to most of the cast. Some of the things i’m covering is

Post [insert_special] options
Corner tricks
round start options (Only breifly)
Stomp timings: (mini-guide)
Safe jump set ups
mix-up tricks.
Unsafe gimmicks. (Full screen super etc)

This video is intended for Seth players & anyone willing to learn the match-up, so it will feature some things that show people how to beat some of Seths options (Not in depth though)

Anyway… If anyone has any safe jump set ups, gimmicks or mx-ups that they’re willing to part with can they list them here? i may as well make it clear that it’ll end up in a videoif it’s respectable, so if it’s not something you want the world (the sad, FGC world :P) knowing then you’re best keeping it to yourself i guess.

Cheers for anyone who contributes, i don’t know how long the video will be, if i get a decent enough response it could well be a very in depth look at many of Seths options. it could just be 3 mins of gimmicks though.

An example of something i did before (that relates to this) was a one day effort called “Makoto strategy Aspect” However this likely won’t have background music, & will hopefully take me longer than a day :stuck_out_tongue:


Something I thought about today was figuring out, in the event of a focus vs focus standoff, who has the upperhand against Seth’s focus with their own. What this means is that if Seth lands his focus on another character’s focus and backdashes, if he’s safe from the other character’s focus, or if it’ll hit him. Also on the flip side, if another character lands focus on Seth and backdashes, if they’re safe from Seth’s attempt at landing focus.

So like Makoto is a fine example: If she lands focus first and backdashes, Seth will WHIFF his right in her face. If he lands focus first and backdashes, and she lets hers out, she gets the crumple. I’d like to *focus *(har) on who can catch Seth’s backdash with their own focus attack first, but would like to know all the different end results. I guess this wouldn’t have to be in the video (due to boredom and being excessively thorough) but would be great for all of us to know, even if some character’s focus attacks are worthless.

With that in mind, it might be worth seeing who Seth can definitively punish in the event of them using a non-focus-breaking special and FADC backdashing out of also (IE Balrog’s straight rush punch/mid-range fireballs etc.).

I do have knowledge and tricks I’d be willing to share (a lot of them unsafe and mostly betting on the other player sleeping or being too eager), but a lot of these tricks are character/timing-specific. Such as after a blocked tandem engine, neutral jumping avoids a lot of reversal uppercuts and gives you a free punish, but this doesn’t work on some character’s like Sagat or Fei Long whose heavy uppercuts are still rather vertical. To push this “strat” even further, there are some characters whose reversal uppercuts can only be punished with stomps to dive kick reset like DJ’s light and EX upkick, same with Guy, same with Yun’s light DP.

I’ve yet to figure out if all reversal light DPs are just as punishable (or conversely could punish Seth’s neutral jump) since this is something I’ve only tested online, and most people I’ve played go for fierce or EX reversal uppercuts.

What makes this a reasonable mix-up is you can do nj.MK (splash) and hold toward to put yourself in a better position to more likely evade an uppercut. If you do get hit with an uppercut, you might perhaps screw up the other player’s angle or inputs; preventing them from getting out a game-winning ultra. Only drawback to this is you’re sacrificing your jump attack-- allowing them to punish you if they chose to just wait you out. Same goes with if you do instant overhead Stomp after blocked tandem (which is also character/timing specific). It might be safe, but you might eat that reversal DP. At least you’re left with the possibility of doing dive kick or another jump attack after IOH stomp.

Alternatively, one could forward jump, but that leaves you too far away to land any jump attack, and doesn’t put you in a good position for a punish if they did go for an uppercut. Doing dive kick after forward jump leaves you closer, but that’s no guarantee of anything (including safety) afterward.

So yeah, there’s a lot to explore, just not sure how character/scenario-specific you want to get.

Edit: One more trick I want to tag on is after sc.HK, on hit or block, if you do LP Shoryu (umeshoryu), some characters who get hit by that can have the stomp follow-up landed on them without having to (or being able to) FADC. I did start a list on this because it seemed like worthwhile information. Doesn’t even have to be after sc.HK; just at the range that point blank sc.HK leaves you at. It doesn’t work on everybody though, and some characters it can work on, they have to be standing.

Who it works on so far: Sagat, Ibuki, Fei, Blanka, Oni, Cody, Akuma.

Who it doesn’t work on so far: Bison, Makoto (I think I have her listed as this only working on her when she’s crouching), Guile, Balrog, Guy, Yang, and Seth. Also documented some inconsistency next to Seth suggesting it might work if the Seth doing the trick steps back slightly before LP Shoryu.

And while I haven’t tested this in months, I believe that the characters it doesn’t work on, they still get hit by the LP Shoryu, but during the start of the move, rather than midway, so you’re still able to cancel out. If that wasn’t the case, then the character gets hit with the latter half of the active frames, but has a weird hitbox so you can’t connect to stomps afterward.

I’ll go experiment with this some more later and see if we can at least combo LP umeshoryu to U2 on everybody.


I’m going to add this, it’s useful information, & we all know how integral Seth’s focus is… I mean how many times have you did the whole focus -> backdash then got tagged by Fei or evil Ryu, it happens. I’ll test it on each character at 2 distances, then i’ll know for sure. In terms of the video, i’ll display a few examples of it hitting/whiffing, then a small list will come up displaying who you can backdash safely against.

This sounds a bit to specific, that said, depending on how this video goes i might make 2, one revolving around universal tricks, or tricks that work on most of the cast, & another video which goes match-up by match-up, for example Seth has alot of tricks VS Balrog. Downside to this idea is i don’t know all the tricks for all the match-upd. The other problem with this idea specifically is that some moves are half punishable, i mean you can punish Bisons slide with a focus, but if he FADC’s back you’re knackered, same for Balrogs sweep & a fair few other moves.

So let me get this straight?

Stand HK, hit or block -> LP SRK

Opponent blocks -> Hits early (once or twice?) & can FADC out.
Opponent pokes/crouch techs/whatever -> Hits late, can attach stomps… Possible Ultra 2.


Hmm, seeing as though the match-up thread for Seth is pretty dire, i might just make this a match-thread video, which will supplement the match-up threa, to which there will be two videos, universal tricks etc (which go at the top of the thread) & match-up videos, which will likely be one video with time stamps for each character. Then i’ll just textify the video stuff so that there are some character specific notes. It’ll also let me go more in depth with each character, such as things like X punishes Y or character specific safe jumps.

So if anyone wants to contribute i’m looking for

  • Univeral tricks
  • Set ups & mix-ups
  • Safe jumps
  • Anything character specific, especially on quite unknown characters like Gen, Adon, Juri etc.

Cool, we’ll see how it plays out.


I think for the characters it DOESN’T work on, you can FADC, but those it does work on, you can’t. there could be a lot of variables as to why it works on certain characters, and perhaps that list could grow if we explore all the variables. I didn’t do any testing when it comes to countering pokes. Just acknowledged the range and stance requirements.

I like sc.HK to LP SRK cuz at that range you could’ve done an LP or EX SPD instead, so the other player is still very much in the mix-up range. And with sc.HK on hit, rather than comboing to c.LP, you can get your LP SRK out uninterrupted since you’re +4 on hit with sc.HK, but at neutral frames on block (which can be good for the mix-up anyway).

Edit: So I found out U2 connects after LP SRK on characters who stomps won’t connect on. Only tested it on Rose, but that’s enough to satisfy me. The timing is just as tight as trying to connect c.HP xx LP SRK to U2 though. I think it might be easier on characters you can get the stomp follow-up on, but I only checked Sagat. I got it on the first attempt, if that signifies ease.

And training mode is weird. Whether or not the dummy is set to auto-block, you have to wait a little bit after sc.HK to get the later active frames of the umeshoryu to hit. Dunno if that’s how it’d work against a player, but something I’ve learned to keep in mind. Might be character-specific as well…


I often use this reset after a Tanden: cr.HP, j.MP, cst.HP, Dash, SPD. If you’re playing against someone really defensive, it’s almost guaranteed. Alternatively, you can cancel the cst.HP into LP Tanden or a Sonic Boom. You have a lot of options here if you choose to cancel into a Sonic Boom you could FADC and continue pressure. You could jump in after the cst.HP etc.

The only thing is that I don’t think it works for the entire cast; I need to do a bit of testing. If you have 3 bars you can do EX SRK into EX Tanden against: Abel, Akuma, Balrog (Boxer), Blanka, Dan, Dudley, Evil Ryu, Fei Long, Gen, Gouken, Hakan, Ibuki, Ken, Bison (Dictator), Makoto, Oni, Rose, Ryu, Yang, & Yun. You can’t* do it against: Cammy, Chun-Li, Cody, C. Viper, Dee Jay, Dhalsim, E. Honda, El Fuerte, Guile, Gen, Juri, Rufus, Sagat, Sakura, Seth, T.Hawk, Vega (Claw), & Zangief. (*note: it may work against some of these chars, but it seems like the timing is different/more difficult; for instance, I know I’ve done it to Seth before, but when I was testing it wasn’t working.)

You should definitely be able to do the reset to any of the characters you can do EX SRK on (though I think with Adon you need to switch cst.HP to cr.MP). Also you can do it against some characters that you *can’t *do the EX SRK to (e.g. Chun Li and Sagat maybe Cammy). I’ll check tonight and confirm the list.

As far as the beginning of the round goes, I usually do one of the following if I’m feeling frisky/psychic: j.MP if it hits ->stomps; if it whiffs and they don’t SRK me (like if they threw a hadoken), SPD; straight-up sonic boom; fst.HP (mostly if I know they’re going to fireball), HP Tanden (this is probably a really bad idea actually, but if they block it and they don’t SRK, then I SPD); Focus feint, dash in SPD; wait for a jump in to SRK; or I just teleport back or walk back. I like to play it safe and do nothing most of the time, but if I think I know what my opponent is going to do those are some of the things that cross my mind in the beginning.

In the corner you can do a overhead stomp and then go into cross up HK, but since people who have experience against Seth often expect this, you can switch the cross up HK to LK, which looks pretty similar and sometimes makes you land on the same side rather than cross up.


The only correct thing to do with Seth at the beginning of every round is to down back and see what your opponent does.

Teleporting = giving up screen space.
Jumping = dumb risk.
Sonic Boom = slightly less dumb than jumping, but still pretty a dumb risk!
fst.HP = You don’t use this move at that range. Don’t do it!
Dash (forward) = This is actually okay on some characters…still a little risky in general though.
Dash (backward) = giving up screen space.
Any Tanden = you are going to get punished or whiff and get jump punished

You can use what your opponent does initially against him as well. So, better to give him nothing at all.

Also the timing on LP DP / MP DP x2, U2 is really not that tight…you learn it for one character, you can do it for all of them.



I’ll be adding the Jump MP tricks after crouch HP, however it might not be in the video as i’m now making a more thorough match-up thread. (This one here sucks) As for the round start stuff. HP Tanden is pretty unsafe… If i feel my opponent is going to neutral jump i’ll use MP Tanden, this catches them on landing & gives Seth a semi-full punish (Close HP)

With Seth, i believe if you don’t Tanden him in first you can go in to SRK… in the past (Vanilla & Chocolate) you could do it at near enough any time.


Though i agree the safest thing anyone can do at round start is hold down back & watch/react, if you have an idea of what you’re opponent might do then certain other things are better options, for example i played a Sagat not long ago & he backdashed at round start several times. Sure i’m in for a world of hurt if he jump in when i Far stand HP’d at round start but given his situation & his round start options:

Jump in start - Most Sagats… Most players don’t do this, but if he did then sure, i start the round at a big loss.
Sit A Wait - Far HP is blocked
Tiger Shot - High is a hit for me, maybe a trade if he LP Tigers, low is marginal damage for me.
Backdash - I win.


I just want to emphasize that I don’t do any of those things unless I know what my opponent is going to do. Mostly I do like you said and do nothing and wait to see what my opponent does. Only rarely do I do any of those risky options. I do like the dash forward because the SPD gives me a nice setup and you can focus through an attack. Pretty much the only time I tele or dash backward is against characters I’d rather zone out (which is usually just the first part of my strategy). I like to figure my opponent out and use that info to start the next round, but you’re right even in that case it’s probably better to let them make the first move.


Are you sure that MP Tanden will give you a punish? I was thinking it gets punished same as HP Tanden…

Also when I mentioned the fst.HP, Sagat was *exactly *the person I was thinking of. They seem to always either backdash or throw a tiger shot, which is usually beat by the HP. We all know that it’s risky, which is why even if it works I don’t press my luck doing it again.


Yeah it’s only rare i’ll start with a stand HP, mean i really have to be sure they’ll backdash or do nothing.

& yeah MP Tanden on round start will beat a neutral jump, however if they do nothing & block they can mash any 3 framer. They can also throw, but it’s quite difficult.


Oh and another thing. If you were going to make another match up thread, I recently went through the old thread and pulled out as much as I could (trying to leave out anything that obviously no longer works like jumping stretchy arms). Need to test a lot of this stuff/organize it better; I haven’t had a chance yet, so if anything here is wrong let me know, and blame someone else because this is mostly other people’s words:

· SPD will catch Abel while he’s in a roll (normal backthrow is more practical)
· Tanden Engine will catch Abel while he’s in a roll
· After a knockdown via Hyakuretsu, backthrow or super, wall jump HK ~ SPD
· Wheel kick can be punished with HP SRK if it’s too close
· st.HP can be punished by Abel’s Ultra
· Tanden right outside his grab range (beats TT, back dashes, EX CoD and EX Roll)
· Magneto loop works on him
· If he mashes reg TT restart block string with nj (or forward jump if you already did several normals), back dash, or frame trap him with a normal or DP
· If he mashes EX TT get him with grabs or SPDs
· If he jumps away from pressure, j.MP, punish with far st.HP, or hit him during his jump animation
· SPD Jaguar Tooth?
· SPD Jaguar Kick?
· Stuff Jaguar Kick with DP, EX Legs and Ultra 1
· HP Super on reaction punishes air fireballs
· EX SPD beats the 2nd kick in far st.HK
· MP/HP Red Fireballs beat Seth’s Super
· jt.MP beats out Demon Flip if done early
· jb.HP/HK beats Ultra/Super
· LP SRK, Yosokyaku beats Akuma’s demon flips
· st.HP can punish Akuma’s teleport, Ultra if you have the timing right
· Teleport in on Akuma when he throws an air fireball
· Punish blocked overhead with HP SRK
· MP Tanden works well against air fireballs
· st.HP will beat all non-EX dashes
· Tanden will beat out all dashes
· SRK will stuff dashes
· Super/Ultra catches dashes
· Hyakuretsu beats dashes
· EX Hyakuretsu beats dash punches and turnaround punches on reaction
· Balrog’s j.HP can be stuff with st.HP or Tanden Engine
· Meaty divekick and cr.LK beat non-EX headbutts
· He can Headbutt in between cr.MK and Sonic boom
· Overhead can be punished with SRK
· LP SPD punishes dash punch on block
· Divekick on wakeup
· st.HP is easily punished by dash straight or EX.Dash Upper
· FADC’ing SRKs make sure you option select FADC so that if he does an EX Rush punch you don’t FADC into his fist. You can do crossup Daigo option select ultra/legs to catch wakeup TAP/whiff headbutt.
· If he neutral j.hp’s over fireballs that’s a free s.hp
· Anti Air with HP SRK
· Abuse Focus Attacks as it can lead to a crumple against his best options (dash straight, cr.HK, s.HK, jump ins)
· You can counter-hit him out of the turnpunch with a well timed focus or dash out of it to throw/reversal
· If you focus a headbutt dash out of it because he can land behind you and make you whiff
· If he has back charge don’t do obvious focus attacks
· Sonic Boom Teleport is a bit more risky against Balrog
· st.HP punishes blocked and unblocked Horizontal Balls
· Any SRK can beat his Horizontal Ball or Super
· Yosokyaku, Divekick punishes Rainbow Ball
· LP SRK, Yosokyaku punishes Up Ball
· st.HP punishes whiffed slide
· EX SRK will beat his Ultra during its initial arc
· EX Hyakuretsu beats his Ultra after its initial arc
· Ultra 1 on reaction or on block will punish his horizontal ball/Ultra
· LK/MK depending on distance will beat electricity and combo into Hyakuretsu
· Watch out for Slide
· Hard to jump in on
· j.MP beats Blanka’s Backstep Ball
· Blanka’s hops can be SPD
· Don’t jump
· EX up ball is a free ultra/mk legs on hit
C. Viper:
· LP SRK her forward super jump (MP/HP if she does the flame kick early)
· On her wake up max range LP Tanden to catch her out of the Thunder Knuckle
· cr.LK, cr.LP, cr.HP is a good way to bully viper after some SPDs. cr.HP will beat her burning kick and launch her and it will trade with EX burning kick in your favor
· Punish Cannon Spike with dash cr.MK xx Hyakuretsu, Ultra, or Tanden?
· Punish Sprial Arrow with cst.HP xx Hyakuretsu or SRK
· She can get out of the instant overhead in the corner
· Rush her down before she rushes you down

Chun Li:
· Standing HP can be punished by her Super or Ultra on block
· Don’t go into crouch block right away after blocking her jump in
· Don’t focus her jump in
· Ultra 1 can punish Sonic Booms
· Dive kick pressure; beats out EX SBK
· head stomp mix ups in the corner; beats out EX SBK
· Don’t LP SRK anti air
· Don’t jump too much
· When she doesn’t have meter do a meaty jump in dive kick on her wake up
· .jfHP beats her nj.HK
· Zone with fireballs
· LP SPD LK and MK Ruffians
· Ultra or EX Hyakuretsu bad rock
· EX Zonk Knuckle gets him out of safe jumps, so fake him out by blocking and punishing or make sure you cross him up so he whiffs at least, then do something
· Dankukyaku can be punished on block with LP SPD?
· Dan’s Ultra 1 trades with Seth’s Ultra 2 at point blank range
· Don’t Jump in unless you get a knockdown
· Try focus feint dash in SPD, but if he has charge it’s risky
· Zone him out until you find an opening
· st.HP to go under fireballs
· Ultra 1 Fireballs
· Don’t Boom if he has charge and is in range for EX Sabat
· Punish teleports with cst.HP xx SRK or instant Yosokyaku
· If he uses Ultra when he isn’t close it’s a free Ultra 1
· If he uses Ultra when you’re on the ground next to him, EX SRK
· Push him into the corner
· Psychic teleport may pay off well
· If he teleports out of your mix up, be prepared to st.HP or Ultra
· LP MGB is punishable on block by SPD?
· MP & HP MGB is punishable on block by cr.LP xx Hyakuretsu
· EX MGB is punishable by any normal (except cr.HP) xx whatever
· Cross up Cross Counter wakeup?
· Use cr.MK against his st.HP/f.HP
· If he whiffs his HP, hit with st.MK
· Seth’s far LK beats Dudley’s low attacks?
· FA lvl 2 or FA, Dash, SPD his HP
· Get him to duck through fireballs and mix it up with Tanden or cr.MK
E. Honda:
· MK Hyakuretsu can punish blocked HP Headbutt
· If he neutral j.hp’s over fireballs that’s a free s.hp
· LP Super can punish any blocked Headbutt
· EX Headbutt, Super and Ultra go through Sonic Booms
· Headbutts can be punished on block with st.HP
· Honda is free on wakeup when he has no meter
· Instant air stomp in the corner
· Any headbutt = free lp super on block. HP headbutt = free ultra or mk legs
· Punish buttstomp with SPD
· Use HP SRK to anti-air as the others lose
· Meaty Dive Kick except when he has meter or ultra 2
· Instant air stomp beats EX Headbutt and Butt Slam clean into an air juggle
· HP Headbutt can be punished on block with legs

El Fuerte:
· Tanden to catch him out of his runs


Fei Long:
· SRK jump ins
· Chicken wing can be stuffed with st.LP or st.MP
· If you block his rekka close, SPD
· If you block a safe rekka, st.MK, Sonic Boom, cr.LP, w/e
· Punish 2nd Rekka with HP SRK
· Off a backthrow he has a nj. HK safe jump that can’t be punished with EX SPD because of spacing
· Some like to combo 2 rekkas and reset with command throw, punish with LP SPD
· Don’t whiff pokes
· The best punish for a whiffed LK Flame Kick is probably cr.MK xx Sonic Boom FADC
· Punish blocked overhead with SPD
· If overhead hits use cr.LP
· LK Chicken Wing can be punished with SPD
· EX Hyakuretsu beats Chicken Wing?

· Make sure to wait until you see him flipping before punishing Gekiro as it floats out there
· If he does the ceiling dive block as a crossup and punish with cst.HP?
· Use cst.HP or SRK to stop his jump ins
· Walldives are punishable with a throw (test SPD)
· Don’t jump at him when he has super/ultra
· He doesn’t have a very good way of getting in besides Oga which is easily blocked
· Yosokyaku bounces Seth too high to be hit by counter (test)
· If you expect a parry you can cr.MK xx Teleport or empty jump cr.LK or empty SPD
· Bait counter with Tanden
· His LP DP is punishable
· Dive kick usually stuffs cr.MK and cr.HP, but nj.HP stuffs dive kick
· j.MK, j.MP, and nj.HK beat all of his AA
· Make him scared to stay stationary (grab until they mash on wake up)
· Crossing up allows you to punish EX-Demon Flip
· Play the sonic boom/footsie game until you score a knock down
· He’s free on cross up and in the corner
· Dive Kick can stuff flash kick if timed right (test)
· You can beat his Flash Kick in the corner with stomp

· st.HP and st.HK are good against his elbow drops and bushin flips
· Ultra 2 stops his running and bushin flips
· Seth can be grabbed with the Bushin flip when he’s crouching
· Instant nj.HK beats EX Hurricane
· nj.HK works as an AA as does cst.HP
· Against elbow drops, cst.HP, LP DP, dash under, nj.HK
· Can’t cross up safe jump (test)
· Belly flop on his EX hurricane

· Don’t throw Sonic Booms because of neckbreaker
· Punish neckbreaker with cst.HP
· EX Hyakuretsu on wake up beats her vortex (knives whiff and seth auto corrects) (test)
· Block low
· Free on wake up unless she has meter
· Punish Ibuki’s wakeup EX DP with LP SRK, stomps

· Pinwheel is punishable on block with any cr.HP combo, or st.HP xx whatever
· EX Pinwheel is punishable by cr.MK xx Hyakuretsu, EX SRK

· Hayate should be punishable (test)
· Axe Kick is punishable with SPD (test)

M. Bison
· LP SPD can punish Scissor Kicks on block, but he has to be pretty close
· j.HP as air-to-air
· if he does the followup to the headstomp wait and punish with cst.HP
· OS safe jumps MP SRK (follow with stomps or U2) or MP Tanden (test)
· Devil’s Reverse can be punished with Ultra 1
· Walk backwards against Headstomps
· Blocked headstomp can be DP for Yosokyaku (test)
· j.HP/nj.HK stuffs headstomp (test)
· Divekick on wakeup
· j.MP/stomp his wake up EX headstomp (test)
· meaty HP SRK beats all his wake up options besides teleport and gives stomps if he does EX headstomp
· You can EX SPD in between his cr.LKs
· OS forward jump to catch teleport with j.HK, cr.MK xx
· OS Jump (only beaten by EX headstomp)

· HP Tanden from fullscreen to get rid of her Ultra 2
· EX SPD if she does Ultra 2 on your wake up
· EX boom her orbs
· SPD punishes blocked drills
· Meaty Tanden beats all of her wakeup options (ex will even beat jumps). It loses to Ultra 1 and EX soul throw (test)

· Keep him out with Sonic Booms/st.HP
· LP SRK, stomps his attempts to get in
· You can safely meaty EX Messiah with a cr.LK or cr.LP (test)
· Blocked Messiahs can be Ultra’d (test) or SRK
· Stay out of the corner
· When he dive kicks, mix it up between backward tele, forward tele, DP, st.LP, block, jb, & b.dash
· After blocked Galatic Tornado you can do a safe cr.lp

· His sweep is a free Ultra 1/MK legs on block
· All of Ryu’s safe jumps can be beat with EX SPD
· cr.MK will often beat Ryu’s cr.MK at max range
· Sweep beats Ryu’s cr.MP

· Focus Tiger Shot, Dash forward and buffer Hyakuretsu, do EX if he throws another neutral jump if not and punish a tiger knee
· st.HP high shots, ultra any shot
· A well timed EX Hyakuretsu will be Tiger Knee
· Don’t wall jump in on low shots

· She can punish your Hyakuretsu, Ultra 2 on hit (test)
· Sakura’s nj.HK goes over Seth’s HP DP (use MP)
· Empty jump cr.LK
· Her wake up is terribly slow
· After LK tatsu, you’re even. SPD will beat everything besides normal throw, jump, shouoken, and backdash, and SRK will beat everything besides backdash
· Her fireball is a free EX Legs
· Although her cr.HP is good her anti-air is that scary without Ultra 2
· Backdashes/teleports are useful during pressure strings

· Far st.HP can be punished on block with far st.HP
· Seth looks like he sometimes falls out of Ultra 2 on hit and can punish with Ultra 1

T. Hawk:
· Punish Condor Dive with Hyakuretsu or Ultra
· Stuff Condor Dive with HP SRK (test LP)
· Jump out of SPD mashers mid combo
· Block/Backdash/SRK Tomahawk Buster Mashers
· Watch out for dash Ultra
· Zone him out

· st.HP punishes his backflip
· Tanden Engine his backflip
· Wall Dives can be punished with teleport (test)
· Wall Dives can be punished with cr.MK xx Hyakuretsu (test)
· HP SRK his j.HP as it beats the LP SRK
· Don’t Ultra/SRK his sky high claw as he’s coming down
· j.HP is good against most of his stuff
· After blocking a roll he’s -2, which means you can jump out of his frame trap
· If he has charge and EX/Ultra don’t fireball
· Do not try to DP FADC on resets because he will backflip
· Dive kick gets his backflip

· st.HP beats out Lariats and early normal Banishing Flats
· st.HP is useful for pushing him away
· If you headstomp after a wall jump you cover more ground and beat Lariat depending on timing
· EX Banishing Flat can be punished on block (test this and normal)
· If you get trapped in the corner watch out for the headbutt
· nj.HK beats Lariat
· fst.MK is a good tool when he’s close


Someone should make a list of who :mp:,:hp: links on.
:hk:,:hp: xx whatever works against other Seths, and is usually the best punish possible when you can land a Tanden.


I already have that list. it’s in another thread; maybe the combo one. With that combo, I’ve learned you can FADC Boom after the HP (or MP 2x) and combo into c.HP. It’s not immensely useful as the combo works on only half the cast, and from what I’ve experienced with c.HP xx LP SRK is that stomps don’t work on some of the characters (never fully tested) even if c.HP xx SRK stomps was easy to land on them. they might just be too far away.


wat? It’s by far the most damaging option Seth has if he lands a Tanden near the corner…Plus you can land another cst.MP, cst.HP on some characters (and another cst.HK, cst.HP on Seth as well) in the corner after FADCing a Sonic Boom.

cst.MP, cst.HP list established a while ago (actually, Kiku made his own list in the combo thread opening post)


No I meant the part about being able to combo into c.HP isn’t really useful…

and the list isn’t in the OP of Kiku’s combo thread, so here: Seth Combo Thread **Check first post for BnBs**

Should be 96% accurate (I think Cammy might actually be in the “doesn’t work on” list, maybe another character too)


look harder

if you meant combo into cr.HP, it’s actually really good mid-screen…but the problem is, it’s all distance…so it can be hard to figure out if you’re going to be able to connect with it or not (have a few set ups laying around off of hit confirms that make it work, but i haven’t tested them thoroughly…)


hmm…if you can pull of cl.MP, cl.HP consistently, then I’m impressed. How big is the damage difference? I have to do a cost benefit analysis on whether it’s worth using if I’m not always going to land it. (because I suck)


oh damn a spreadsheet. looks like I mistook that big blue link for a topic header. :wink:

And yeah distance is what makes the combo impractical to me. The fact that s.MP, s.HP xx boom puts them at the proper space/time for c.HP to connect, but it’s slightly out of range for the stomp follow-ups. I’d like to see who all can get hit with stomps of those who s.MP, s.HP works on.