Help settling a fighting game argument

So I have a friend who claims repeatedly that “Fighting games are made for d-pads”. Joysticks he claims are just over dpads and despite all arguments to the contrary he still has stuck to his guns. So I figure I will go here, as this seems to be the place for fighting games. Your assistance would be greatly thanked

He is absolutely correct. You should never question his judgment ever again.

Most japanese fighting games are released on arcade cabinets way before they are brought to the consoles. In SF4’s case, it took seven months to go from arcade to console. If it was meant for the d-pad, why put it in arcades first, if at all?

don’t listen to this man. he is an 09 member and is obviously new to the scene and doesn’t understand anything. D-pad is superior, you have a good friend because if you were to say to me fighting games are made to be played on a joystick I would slap you in the mouth.


For serious, I really wish Zelseus would stop going around trolling the new members.

I hope this is all sarcasm. <_<

Anyway, whether it was meant for one or the other doesn’t matter. If what you want to argue is the usefulness of an arcade stick, Seth Killian explained it best right here.

Arcade sticks are the reason Arcades are dying out. No one wants to play on some outdated and wonky control scheme. Maybe if they were to add D-Pads to the Arcades, then it would be more popular. Of course Japan is behind in technology and could never come up with a proper D-Pad conversion for Arcades. Thankfully I have a superior console, with a superior D-Pad.

Your friend is a wise man. Don’t lose him due to your stubbornness.

Seth already made a thread on that in GD. He said he was joking.

In all seriousness, stop trolling the newbies.

Jesus, this is worse than smashboards.

Yeah, why don’t you just go back and go troll newbs there? Even when they’ve been around for five years on smashboards, they’re still newbs.

Never argue with an idiot. No matter how much sense you make they’ll just continue on.

If the fact that the vast majority of fighting games are first released as arcade games which use joysticks rather than pads isn’t enough proof for him, then nothing will be.


I mean come on it’s pretty much common sense.

D-pad? Joystick? Sounds like you guys have never played fighters using a trackball. You’ll fuck shit up with Guile like you’re playing Golden Tee. Every time you do a flashkick, it’s mandatory to say FORE! It helps your yomi.

whats an arcade stick

Think about it. Ever noticed how quickly you can slide your thumb from one end of the d-pad to the other? Now try moving a stick all the way from the left to the right. It’s like twice as far.
No matter how lightning quick your reflexes are, you’re gonna be twice as slow as you could be playing on a stick, rather than on a pad.

As a player who plays on both stick\pad, pad is faster in some regards. Especially for certain motions. Not sure how I feel about doing 360’s on a pad but repeated buffer srk’s are very easy to get out and come out rather quick @ that.

I think the easiet example to use is VS iad. The input is upfwd, upfwd and on an american stick, this can be very tricky to get out due to the throw of the american stick, especially uprght, uprght. However on a pad, the iad’s are 2 double upfwd inputs which is rather simple to get out consistently. Its effortless on a pad from the beginning.

its why smash is the king of fighters. never on arcade and no one uses a stick for it. its so deep.

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