Help - SF anniversary edition arcade stick

Hi I have two (Street Fighter anniversary edition arcade sticks) and recently bought a (Super Joybox 5 Pro) after buying a (3in1 Magic Joy Box). I tried both of these Mayflash products, trying to get this joystick to work with my computer WinXP. Drivers that i used were from the Mayflash website and from the floppy disk.

But it seems neither of these worked, it doesn?t even recognize the joysticks. On the website were I bought these, there was a review saying that it worked with the (Super Joybox 5 Pro). But every time when I plug it in it doesn?t respond to any button presses or joystick movements in the control panel. All it shows is that 4 contollers are plugged in when only one is actually plugged in.:sad:

The stick that I have (Street Fighter anniversary edition arcade sticks) has both ps2 and xbox plugs on it. Here is a picture of it

Can anybody tell me how to get these to work with the computer. Been trying to figure out this for weeks.:confused:

Connect your stick to the computer using the XBOX end not the PS2. So basically you have to get another Joybox which you connect any XBOX controller to the PC. If you live near a Fry’s Electronics, buy the blue “XBOX TO USB” converter and just download one of the drivers from Mayflash and it should work. That’s how I did it.

I use the same stick with the 3in1 magic box and it works fine. didn’t even use any drivers.
all i can say is make sure you have SP2 for xp and look in device manager under your USB see if it has any problems with it

For the (3in1 Magic Joy Box) when I plug it through the xbox port all I get is “4 IN 1 WHEEL” in the game controllers screen. And when i plug it through the ps2 port, nothing comes up in the game controllers screen in winxp sp2.:sad:

Could you tell me what you get?

While we’re on the topic… Anyone know of an adapter that works with both the anniversary stick and a hrap2?

for the love of god just get a pelican ps2/ps3 adapter and be done with all this converter compatibility mumbo jumbo =)

The pelican works for PC?


yes. very well i might add. and i hate converters

Does it read analogs in MAME?

If so, I can finally use Denjin correctly!

just came back from gamestop with a pelican ps2/ps3 adapter like sabre suggested. it doesn’t work with the anniversary stick T_T

works fine with my hrap2 though… although everybody already knows it does…


The PCB boards used in those sticks are not the best for converters, and many have issues with them not working at all on converters.

I have the same SFAC stick that i modified with happ parts, and it is not even recognized on my radioshack USB adapter.

I have the Super Joybox 10. It takes two xbox sticks into one usb port. I use both the 1st and 2nd run SFAE sticks with it without a problem, UNLESS im on a 64 bit XP box. Then, the 1st run stick no longer works.

You’re just screaming of pad scrubbery. Nothing wrong with the pad tho. :lol:

Does anybody know if I swap out the PCB board of this joystick with that of a real xbox or ps2 controller. Will that make it easier to work with those convertors?

If so anyboody got any easy to follow instructions?

since this is the ST AE arcade stick thread and I don’t want to make another one, does anybody have the template for stick and how to put it in. I checked out the arcade stick monk site but they didn’t put in any art.

Did the swap today - using a third party PS2 PCB board. Listed in the other thread “PADHACKING”

Everything works fine, just followed the points on the PCB board.:rofl:

Thanks for the help guys! Might even upgrade to happ parts in the furture:looney: