HELP: Sixaxis pad hack to make a arcade stick

hello people of srk… i dont post much on tech forums but however i today i need some help… because iv done my research but i cannot find what im looking for… iv got a SIXAXIS controller not ds3… i wanted to know how do pad hack it to make it into a arcade stick iv read doing a ds3 is very hard but sixaxis its pretty easy (soderling i spouse) iv also been on slag coin but dont really understand it is there any tutorial or video guide that i can follow or even some can make one / go through it with me step by step if there making there own arcade stick, im pretty sure i the tools:

sixaxis controller wirless
8 obsf30 buttons
joystick sanwa - gna get that
soldering iron
copper wire
material to make my arcade stick case

if im missing anything please tell me

i really get confused when i look at peoples arcade stick and the like so many wires it babuzals me! please help if im going wrong please tell me thank you all for the time spent reading this.

Ideally you should be using Toodles Axis Adaptor. Soldering to a Sixaxis SHOULD NOT be attempted by a novice.
You will have to look up toodles and order from him directly since Lizardlick is out of stock.

Also there is the Leo board. For modding a sixaxis this is also easy. This has the added benefit of possibly dual modding to a Xbox 360 wireless pad, but that is more advanced.

Firstly Thanks for posting… these are really good options however i want to keep my costs low and do all the work my self is it someone can do a diagram like this but showing straight from the ps3 controller im sure this thread will helpful to many others who are in same position as me.

Like I said, this SHOULD NOT be attempted by a novice. I predict an 80% chance that you will fuck up because you have not soldered 100 things already. The reason being that the pins needing soldering to are too close together. You will probably end up screwing it up beyond repair and end up costing more in the long run replacing the sixaxis pcb and getting a proper board to do it right. Out of 5 people I’ve seen attempt it, 4 came back showing how they fucked it all up and had to start over.

If you insist here is the diagram. The ribbon connector in the right picture is where you want to solder to. You need to bridge a resistor between pin 7 and 8 and then another between 13 and 14.

You daisy chain one common line for red pins 1-7
one separate common for PS
One seperate common daisy chain for blue pins Select and Start
One seperate Common for the orange, pins 15-20

mmm after looking at this i think you are right ill end messing up the pcb beyond repair… costing me more… plus i dont really get this but is it possible to give it to someone to soder it for me and then i can just add qds and connect the danm thing up

you will have trouble finding somebody willing to do such a difficult solder job for less than the cost of a Leo or Axis adaptor. There is a reason that people spend money for those boards.

I think you may have the misconception that a custom stick is somehow cheaper than buying a TE or HRAP.

It’s possible to find someone to solder everything to the board, sure.
Finding someone to solder an AXISdapter together would be far cheaper and even easier for you to take and mount into a stick.

so do i need a toodles board if thats what its called? also where i can i buy it in the U.K for the cheapest price… as i dont want to order it from lizard lick dur to the fact they are from a different country i would like to buy it from the local bobby if you guys understand even better would be can someone put it on ebay as i have an account with so i will be able to buy it straight away. this can be usa ebay also but better if its the uk one