(HELP) Sparky PWM and Paewang Revolution Multi-Console Joystick PCB from Focus Attack


Hello I am total noob trying to build custom arcade Stick.

If possible I was hoping someone can help me setup the LED button thingy with Sparky PWM and Paewang PCB.

I drilled holes to seimitsu buttons and inserted LED without any problem
I understand how to connect each LED…however I am not sure how to connect to joystick or PCB.

I have been seraching the youtube or forum, but cant really find any noob friendly tutorial.

If anyone can help me…that would be great.

Thank you for reading my post.


Here’s how to wire a Paewang to joystick and buttons:

I haven’t yet done a video on how to do with a Sparky PWM. I’m guessing you have the focusattack SMD style one?

All I’ve done is a quick how-to, so far. Haven’t gotten to the video, my HDD died. :sad:

More in here: Official FA Sparky PWM RGB LED Controller Thread


Thank you for the reply. Any chance of the video soon?

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