I primarily use charge character in SSFIV, I can say I’m a decent player, averaging about 2000 pp. What are good characters I can start out with. I’ve went through the whole cast in MVC with no success. I also Ok with Gouken and Hakan. Thanks a bunch.

I would say Hulk and Felicia since they’re the only to chars that I can think of with Charge moves. There aren’t many charge moves in this game it’s very motion friendly. But Marvel is relatively easier to learn in comparison to AE. I have trouble going from Marvel to AE. I keep tapping 2 punch buttons when I block in SF like an Advance Guard is gonna come out. I also keep forgetting there is no air blocking. 1 frame links? Don’t even remember how to do them.

taskmaster hawkeye doctor doom


Tried Doom, I like so far. I can’t get in the groove with Wesker. Hawkeye is not bad as well.