Help stopping soda addiction?


Have any of you had trouble putting a stop to your soda addiction? If so, can you please share your methods here? I am on a mission to either reduce my soda intake or remove it completely (which I dont find necessary yet). I do indeed want to reduce it though. Thanks


put all your soda in the back of the fridge and put some water bottles in the front. Any time you have a craving, grab a bottle of water and slam it.


I recommend not drinking it if you’d like to stop. It works really well.


I’ve been soda or carbonated drink free for nearly 3 years.
I used to drink tons of coke, there is one other reason why I stopped but i’ve never had a issue with stopping anything.
I just said i’m gonna stop drinking coke, and I haven’t touched it ever since. August 2007


I suggest trying to look for your balls and cock first before you attempt such a feat


cool, Ill try this one.


drink hella beer, youll never want to touch soda


This guy has ideas

If that ends up not working out and causing an alcohol addiction then you might as well just jump up to hard liquor and go from there


Just stop. It’s not like you’re quitting cigarettes.



You probably have a sugar addition or do drink diet, infact try that, are you still addicted to eg. Pepsi Max

Addiction solution


Ask a medical professional…


cool, Ill try this one.


I dont like the taste of beer, so thats out of the question.
P.S: They’re not bad, I just dont like the taste


I stopped drinking soda years ago. There might be withdrawal symptoms from the caffeine depending on how much you drank it. The last time I had a sip of coke when I was hanging out with some friends, it made me upper lip go numb.


I dont like the taste of beer, so thats out of the question.
P.S: They’re not bad, I just dont like the taste


Let someone else manage your money.

When you’re forced against your own will to spend $15 a week on groceries you realize 33 cents for a gallon of water is a way better deal than $4 for an 8 pack of soda

eventually the refreshing taste of water grows on you


Is this diet or regular? I for one am nearly addicted to Diet soda. However, i’ll try to quit or at least take breaks from it simply because its expensive to keep stocked up, the way i go through them.

I will go through phases where i’ll simply get tired of it though and the thought of drinking another is kinda, “blehh”. This combined with the expense usually previels.

I highly recommend drinking stuff like Crystal light, and various other drikn mixes instead. Very satisfying, refreshing, a little cheaper, and missing 80% of the harmful junk in sodas.


I’m surprised no one suggested this. Drink juice dude. Go to the juice aisle and pick up some 100% juice from Ocean Spray or Welch’s. Try different bottle teas (not all are equal so watch out for the fruitier ones, they’ll probably have a lot of sugar). If you want soda now and again go buy some with pure cane sugar in it like Jones.

I used to drink soda on the regular but it was so easy to cut back on once I replaced it with more (real) juice, tea, and water. If you are addicted to the caffeine in soda then you’re just a punk, punk. You’re life can’t be that serious where you need to move a mile a second every minute. <_< Yeah!


I would imagine the reason he wants to refrain from sodas from now on, is for the health stuff. If so, steering him into the direction of various JUNK juices and teas out there are going to do him no good.

90% of that crap are no better than a soda. The only thing they lack is the carbonation & caffeine, otherwise they’re loaded with the same things like HFC that make sodas so trashy. So in the end its the SAME thing in terms of their negative health impact, different flavor.

Again, stuff like crystal light and similar drink mixes.

Edit: also whether its High-fructose corn syrup, or so-called natural cane sugar. In the end they’re both every bit as bad in large doses, which those juices certainly pile on. A huge contributor of the obesity issue today is from mass-consumption of sugared drinks, soda and otherwise.


cut yourself every time you get a craving for soda and then you’ll associate it with pain and not want it


I’m pretty addicted to diet soda myself. I drink it more than I did regular soda. I tried not to drink it for 2 weeks and I couldn’t. I’m used to the caffiene and more importantly Im used to the slight burn you get when you drink it. I think thats the most addicting part for me.