Help, stuck in G3 -_-



I’m a dedicated Sakura player since Alpha 2 days, but i took a huge break from SF and went over to KoF, well now im back and i feel the hurt of low tier on SF4, everytime i get a winning streak i get a losing streak, stuck in the 700-1100 points range. Everyone that beats me seems to be a good crossup Gief or Sagat, Good Abel’s own me but most are a joke. but Gief & Sagat… wtf…
I know only noobs cry but i am new but i know from fighting game history there seems to be some big imbalance on a Sak VS Sagat fight, his jump kick ALWAYS hits my c.HP together if i time it right, resulting in big damage to my low health.

A) I need help snuffing Bison Head stomp, due to online latency i cant always back-dash out of it.

B) Sagat… good strats? You start getting a good string on him and then BAM Ultra to the face it goes through everything and anti airs -_-

C) Gief’s Crossups… can’t c.HP the crossup short from gief, if you dont attempt to get out, you get SPD, if you get out it seems im forced to take damage?

If someone has some tips for a newb, id like some advice. Oh and Dhalsim. he is a PITA to chase down without an EX Bar to use for EX Otoshi


For headstomps I get lucky and can beat it out with some kinda kick… not too sure. Training mode and making Bison spam it I imagine would help. Running forward or back seems to be the safer option.

Sagat, all I can say is good luck! But jumping over Tiger Shots and focusing through them is all I can manage.

I’m not much help, I’m in the same boat.


Some people have been a bit cheeky and start new accounts.


a) towards him can usually intercept a bison before he stomps, otherwise, just block it or jump backwards. i’m not going to lie though, bison is my worst opponent, so the best thing to do is try and keep the pressure on so he can never do it.

b) bait the tiger knee/uppercut, c.hp, tatsu and so on. EX Otoshi over people who keep doing fireballs. when he gets that ultra, just be a bit weary about jumping in and stuff. if you want to be careful, just otoshi after every EX tatsu you get, instead of resets and stuff :3 He’s like a stronger, slower Ryu.

c) you just need to work on the c.hp timing. or as silly as it may sound, move in a little bit closer so you’re more likely to hit the short crossup thingy.


Since you have problems with particular moves, go into training mode and record those moves with the training dummy and see what you can do to beat them.


I’m pretty new myself, but this is where I started, watch videos of good Sakura players and see what they do in certain situations. I don’t play Sakura myself, but the advice stays the same for any character. Also, practice her BnBs, a lot of G3 is still full of f.dp spamming, block and punish.


You can always stuff a head stomp with c.HP (situational), or j.MP, or nj.HP. Or jump backwards and stick out a j.HK.


C.HP beats stomp, ex stomp, etc when timed precise…worth getting the timing down. If you see it early, as said by some people, a can get him also. Those are too best options.

Against Sagat…get close early on, and stay there. Sakura normals come out faster than Sagat normals, so abuse, c.lp, c.hp -> ex tatsu and fireball war him to grab some meter to get in on a ex otoshi. Walking upclose and using to try to beat his limbs is also viable, in the air is usually suicide due to st.rh by Sagat, so your way to travel in air should be aerial tatsu to float over him, or ex tatsu to land near him.

Gief crossup…dont get cornered or knocked down. Run for your life constantly, ex tatsu back and forth and hadoken…if he is jumping in , proper timed charged fireballs, and cr.hp stop most of his stuff, and if he is too close, try to escape rather than do damage.

Dhalsim,, or to stuff his limbs, and cr.hp can easily hit Dhalsim’s j.rh etc, just dont get impatient and dont worry about sittin on opposite sides of the stage againt Dhalsim, take it slow.


Anytime I see Dictator go into the air, I try and focus attack. it especially works great against Devil’s Reverse but the head stomp is really fast.


I will have to try Focus vs air Dictator. Right now I have still trying to c.Hp, or Dash vs Dictator in the air. So far I am not really good at any of them. He kicks my butt.


Vs Bison: cr.HP, like some have said, stuffs his headstomp, ex headstomp, devil’s reverse, and jump-ins. Learn it and after a few punished attempts, you’ll see them jumping up and down on the opposite side of the screen, charging and baiting you to come to them. Don’t. Use that clock because it is your friend. His slide and Rh.Scissor Kick is not safe on block so punish those with cr.HP~tatsu combos. Block his ultra and keep holding back so after he passes through you, Sak automatically walks toward a still-torpedoing Bison. Kick his ass.

Vs Sagat: he’s scary from far away but honestly, once you get in close, most users have no idea how to use him. Rh.tiger knee is not safe on block. Punish. Lk.tiger knee is safe, but if you block it, you can expect. Tiger uppercut right afterward. Punish. Psychic ex otoshis will keep sagat a little more honest. Jump over the tiger shots, kick his extended hand, and if you’re in range, cr.MK~shouken. If you’re not, be patient and wait for Another chance to kick that hand.