HELP: super confused with KoF games

I’ve been reading KoF from the wikis, I’ve played the tutorial, watched some youtube and I am still confused with all the terminology. Hope someone can help enlighten me with some queries:

Am I right that there are 3 levels of specials.
Level 1 = Special Move
–> [FREE to perform]
Level 2 = Super / Super Special / Desperation Move
–> [1 super/power gauge bar]
Level 3 = Neo Max Desperation / Hidden Super Desperation / Leader Super Special Move
–> [3 super/power bars + 100% HD] or [2 super/power gauge bars + HD Mode]

In KoF94 it says they used the 75% Fatal Fury 2 flashing health bar lets you perform Desperation Move. Is this still available in KoF13?

In KoF97 they had a MAX Activation State/Mode (when you have max super/power gauge bar). (enables faster move, higher strength, etc). Is this still available in KoF13?

Hyper Drive Mode, I believe if am correct, is activated by pressing BC on a full HD bar. Correct? And HD Mode you are faster, and higher strength? (note I am differentiating this from MAX Activation State/Mode which uses the super/power gauge bar.