Help support Exploding Rabbit!


Hey SRK members. I’m not one for posting new threads or even posting in general. This time however, I have to make sure the word gets out. It’s about a little independent gaming company called The Exploding Rabbit. The Exploding Rabbit is making a new game that any nostalgic NES gamer will appreciate.

It’s called the Super Retro Squad. Here is a link to the Kickstarter page.

Now why am I bringing this to your attention? The Exploding Rabbit is an incredible group of people who are putting hard work and effort into what they love. Old school gaming. If you don’t know about Super Mario Bros. Crossover not only are you missing out, but you are also doing yourself wrong by not playing this amazing game.

Super Mario Bros. Crossover can be played on Exploding Rabbit’s website here:

I encourage any interested gamers to head over to Exploding Rabbit and see what the team has to offer. I believe you will be surprised.


I admit it, the SMBC was pretty damned fun to play.


I want to support this because it looks cool.

I do not want to support this because the thread started has Juggalo in his name.


My initial reaction too, but at least he has good taste in games. :wink:

Good heads up, OP.

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Thanks for the positive response you three. Glad to see your partial/total dislike for Juggalo’s didn’t completely ruin the message I was trying to get across. :slight_smile:


Please make a new user name that does not have jugalo in it. Ewww

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It’s like you served me a delicious plate of sushi that has your hair all over it


Except my name isn’t Jay Pavlina.


Your point is trivial.

You would be the “waiter” in my analogy. Jay Pavlina is the sushi chef. The hair in my sushi is of course, your name.

In case you still don’t understand, your name ruined what would have otherwise been a wonderful dining experience.


If you’re going to let something like a name ruin your experience, maybe you should get off your high horse and stop being a judgmental prick?

Glad to know stereotyping is still prevalent. Or maybe you’re hungrily eating the hair, cause you realize the hate you spout is meaningless.

So by using your analogy to the fullest, you will always have hair on every plate! Understood it just fine.


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One would enjoy making a mockery out of you, but you did a good job all by yourself.

Hey that original point the thread starter made? The one about Exploding Rabbit. It’s pretty fucking good. Clicking on the link (nostalgic gamers especially) is pretty fucking smart. Not being blinded by an elitism attitude and learning to accept rather than be a bigot seems to be just beyond those Pro Shoryuken’s reach.

This is being said as The Bucket of Truth being the sole source of “Pro Shoryuken” people.
I’m sure Plenty of them go to General Discussion for SF related things.


His location is also The Dark Carnival.

Seems not legit.


i’ll accept it, when you accept how stupid you all look. it’s for your own good.


Preaching acceptance in one post … calling people names in another post… what a surprise … you don’t practice what you preach.

Couldn’t have said it better myself about everything you’ve posted so far.