Help switching to stick

Hi, so I’ve been playing Street Fighter/Fighters for a while now, and i’ve pretty much only played on a pad. I mean, I’ve played on a stick about 2 or 3 times, but now I need help switching to stick, hopefully permanently. I took the first step by buying one today, and went into practice mode, Shoryuken fine, dashing, a bit of problems. But then I go into ranked games, and dropped combos, and had VERY MAJOR difficulty blocking cross-ups. I can usually block cross-ups and do great combos on pad, but i’m having big problems on sticks.

Could anyone give me tips on switching to stick?
Side note: I currently play Gen.

(side-side note: I know there is a thread for this, but I would also like to play other players in the community with stick, to get adjusted to it, msg for XBLGT?)

did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:

I treat it like batting practice. Even if you’re doing fine, practice the basic things over and over. Hit up training mode with someone who has a lot of varied specials. We’ll use Ryu as an example. Go on the player 1 side and practice:
-50 successful Hadoukens
-50 successful Shoryukens
-50 successful Tatsus
-50 successful Air Tatsus

Then repeat for the Player 2 side. There’s nothing wrong with repetition and practicing basics. While you’re new to the stick, do this before and after you play. Once you start getting better, you can cut down on those and start working on FADCs, basic combos, or whatever your character of choice does (and…I’m not sure what it is you’d want to practice with Gen). I strongly recommend Ryu or Ken as the “getting used to the stick” character. At least for “batting practice”.

EDIT: Also, for cross-ups. Nothing can help you but experience. The reason why its a cross-up is because its tricky.

First of all, I would like to thank you for your input on how I can practice.
Secondly, I was able to block a majority of cross-ups on pad, but I think I know why. (see below)
Lastly, for some reason, my hand speed/reaction speed seems to be slower on stick. Maybe it’s because my hand is laid out, instead of curled up?
I’m having trouble hitting lets say, cr.HP anti air for Ryu, or in my case, st.HP mantis, or cr.HK crane. Is there a way I can improve on that, or will I have to
adapt to it gradually?