Help! T5 mod

I just modded my hori T5 stick and i’m having a problem that i just cant seem to fix.

I wired everything up they way it should be wired (i think) and went into MvC2 to test it. Everything was working perfectly, all the directions and buttons were working fine when selecting characters. BUT when i went into the actual game my character was jumping on his own, and there was no response from left/right/down. All the buttons work fine, its just the directionals. Has anyone had this problem? I removed the stock wires that were soldered to the pcb for the directionals, and replaced them with new ones. Everything looks right, so im really confused.

what kind of pcb is it? it sounds like the pad ok but one of your analog sticks are moved into one direction. i could be wrong. but i would check that first.

its the stock T5 pcb

the top left is where the directionals are soldered, and the one wire on the bottom left is where i grounded the switches from the joystick, its just a pcb ground.

ok so no analog stick. i dont know then. Hozie or toodles should be able to be a bigger help than me.

this is really boggling my mind. it seems like up and right are stuck on, but wouldnt it scroll through the characters at the select screen? idk whats going on

do you have a USB adaptor to plug your stick into XP? if so, can you confirm that the button signals are stable using the control panel’s joystick app?

Did you use quick disconnects on the buttons or are they soldered direct? If you used quick disconnects, go in-game and duplicate the problem. Let the guy jump while you try removing the wires one at a time and see if the problem goes away.

Edit: This will help you isolate the issue (if it’s outside of the board itself). Also, check for shorts in your soldering. One more thing, are you sure you used the right leads on the microswitches? (Which stick are you using?)

yea i did that, and the joystick was showing the same problems. im in the process of hacking one of my dreamcast controllers to see if i can get that to work instead.

You probably wired it wrong.

after hacking a dreamcast pad (successfully, wich i was impressed with myself for) i realized the simple mistake i made. i didn’t know there was a right and a wrong prong to use for the joystick microswitches. i had the hot wires wired to the wrong prongs. the grounds were fine though. im kicking myself in the ass for doing all that extra work for nothing. oh well!