Help tatsunoko vs capcom fight stick 2 pcb mod possible?


I did a little search for 2 pcb mod on the forum and found that it is possible to put in two pcb. I just want to know if anybody attempted it on a tatsunoko vs capcom fight stick using the stock wii pcb and another pcb. If so it would be nice to see some diagrams and where to find that 5 v to 3.3 v and ground to ground from both the pcb. What need to do done and the wiring process. Or is there a easier methods to do it on this stick. Thanks for the help in advance. :smile:

I’ve added the ChImp board to the TvC stick. I just simply connected the buttons and joystick to the ChImp board; there wasn’t any hard work involved. Essentially, I’ve a wii dongle and neutrik gender change on the front of my stick. I’m not fussy about this particular set up…

But I’m not sure if you’re looking for one integrated solution…

Thanks for the input. So with the CHimp board don’t you still need a controller pcb? Let say I want to connect it to the xbox 360 or ps3 it uses a usb cord and the wire that came with the TVC stick use a wire to connect to the wii-mote.

Cthulhu, Multi-Console Cthulhu, ChImp; they are all PlayStation 3.
You will need USB cord if want to use.

If want Xbox 360, then need Xbox 360 Controller PCB.

Chimp won’t give you 360 compatibility.

Edit: Indeed, jdm, indeeeeeeed. *puffs pipe… *strokes cat

yup that what I thought so in order to use it with the chimp I’ll will need to have a mad catz xbox 360 pad if I want it to work for xbox 360 and ps3 correct? So I will just use the xbox pad usb to work for both the xbox 360 and ps3 and keep the original wire for the wii. How the question is how do I still need to connect the two pcb (wii and xbox 360) to 5v and ground or do I just connect both the pcb to the chimp. Sorry I’m not familiar with 2 pcb mod. Thanks people for all the input!

Well are not you doing a 3 PCB Mod?
Mad Catz Wii and ChImp and Mad Catz Xbox 360.

For any number of PCB, all PCB have to be connected together the Ground and +5V or +3.3V.

You got a point now I really need to think about it. Is it possible for 3 pcb? Have anybody attempt it before?

What system does it work for beside the wii. Is it muti console since you are using a neutrik?

what do you guys think is the most cost effective way to make it for the wii, xbox 360, and ps3? I appreciated all your comments and I will attempt it soon since it is a waste to have a TVC stick just for the wii and there are not much good fighting games on the wii.

Yes, possible.
I’ve seen some 3 PCB Mod, even 4 PCB Mod.

chowwun said he used ChImp, so not Multi-Console Cthulhu.
The Neutrik Gender Changer is not RJ-45.

Because the USB Jack on Cthulhu is USB-B, and the end that plugs into PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is USB-A.
Look through Album of chowwun and you will see what I type.

Good looking out jdm714. I’ll see what I can pull off with all the information that I got here thanks again!

I will be completing my 3PCB mod hopefully over the long weekend. Like I said, I’ve only the ChImp and Wii PCB in there at the moment. I’m going to be modding a first party MS X360 controller to be common ground (lol)…

If you want a cheaper alternative go Cthulhu/MadCatzX360/Wii/Imp (you’re going to have to do the trigger h4xx and some additional work with the Imp… benefit is that you can also run a MC Cthulhu - something I didn’t do because I don’t play legacy consoles)
If you want an easier alternative go with the ChImp (Cthulhu + Imp in one + no need to trigger mod… that should save some time and brain cells…)

I’ve dual modded the TvC stick with a 360 pad, there’s a 3.3v lead on the TvC PCB that needs to be connected to the 360 PCB or it will malfunction. Its labeled on the TvC board though(its the red wire). The TvC pcb is completely common ground rather easy. Use the terminal strip on the TvC stick to wire all your leads.

Thanks chowwun for the pro and con on Cthulhu and ChImp. I really have to think about it.

Thanks FunkyP for pointing out the 3.3v on the TVC PCB and explaining about connecting it to the xbox 360 pcb. Which 360p pcb did you use and did you connect the 3.3v to the 5v on the 360 pad? So your setup is for the wii and xbox 360 then.

I used a madcatz fightpad, those are rather braindead simple to mod, but yea i used basically just TvC Wii and 360.

So I make up my mind. I will go with a Chimp board and a mad catz xbox 360 controller. Sorry for all the questions but what is the best way to wire them all together? Since it is a 3 pcb mod then I assume that all pcb need to be connected together specifically the 3.3v to 5.v and ground correct? So do I take the wii pcb wires going to the terminal and connect it in the CHimp with another set of wire from the xbox 360 going to the Chimp too? Or is there a easier less wire alternative. Thanks!

hey i was gonna make a thread similar to this. i want to put a ps3 dual shock into my tvc also any advice how i should go about it? i was gonna try and piggy back it but figured that would take too long and may damage the stick. also this would be my first dual mod so can someone please help?

i just ordered a cthulu ps3/pc board. i figured id put that in this tvc stick instead of breaking open a ps3 pad. do i still need to hook the two boards together or can i just hook the cthulu up to the buttons and go?

Have to connect Cthulhu to Buttons, Joystick, and Wii PCB.

as I read in order to get it to work with 2 pcb you have to connect the pcb together to the 5v or 3.3v and ground and never plug it in at the same time.