Help tatsunoko vs capcom fight stick 2 pcb mod possible?


so pretty much i can just piggy back it

I was on spring break this week and talked to friend. He mention to me that I should just use a ps2 pcb since I have a pelican and x converter adapter which I hardly use. That way I can use the stick for xbox 360, ps3, ps2 and wii and it save me the most money. Now to bother you guys again :slight_smile:

I know for sure that I need to connect the 3.3v from the wii pcb to the 3.3v ps2 pcb and ground to ground. How do I go in wiring the ps2 up down left right etc etc? I was thinking about wiring to the terminal on the wii stick. So two set up wire going to it on from the original wii and new wires from the ps2 pcb. Is that the correct way of doing it for those that have two pcb on the TVC stick? Thanks and I will let you know how it goes.