help the box ?


[RIGHT]hi ! I need help with the box. I got box today and box wireless? I press box button but no happen. Wire box? I need box help. The box does not fit the wireless connector, PLEASE can someone help me learn to use box?[/RIGHT]




I buy box and take 2 month arrive now i dont connect how it done. pls help! the box is not connect!


box no works. use cubes takes 1 month to arrive. Some boxes will be cubes must must use cube to connect to cube box.


pls i dnt know what u mean. there no cube, jst the box as it come


is cube a lie? No box work? No cube no box, now what?

Additional Pylons Required


pls there no cube i dont know what is


It is easy, you need the following to help THE BOX

5000 meters of flight line
1 tube of friction lost
1 water hammer
4 Glow-stick batteries
a flange gasket wrench
Pylons, additional Pylons Required
root of stone
Dragon’s Sneezed (bottled or canned)
a baby’s first laugh
a sound of a cat’s foot fall
a hydro spanner


please the box, people know what must mean. I put picture so u know the box meant



sorry that stew not box, i mean box when I mean this

this is box, cant connect, how connect? how use?


Eat beef stew, open box




nice try with google images. beef stew is #7 on the page. troll again and try harder next time.


i don’t know if this is serious or not…


I also believe cube would be the solution. Some good advice here.


Step 1: Cut a hole in the box.

Step 2: Put your junk in the box!

Step 3: Make her open the box.

And that’s the way you do it~~!

For visual demonstration, see



Try the Kanooter valve next to the cube.


I heard 1 in every one hundred box’s is defective.
Sorry 'bout you’re damn luck friend.


it not defecive i notice open box and there machine in between the sides.

machine with twiddles and press. still no connect. help pls!