Help! The picture on my arcade cabinet is too wide

So my arcade picture is too wide and I can’t adjust it. I tried the controller with all the knobs and the knobs in the back but all they do is control the vertical size, vertical position, horizontal positioning, color, etc. There is no knob that adjusts horizontal size.

So when I play a game like Alpha 3 or Vampire Savior the picture quality is good but everything seems wider. And when I look at the super bars I can’t see the number of how full my super meter is.

So is there an adjuster to make the width of the image regular size?

Please help. Thank you.

The adjustement you search for is located on your screen/tv : aspect ratio, do not stretch.

Uh, I think he’s playing on a legitimate monitor, correct? In that case, is it a MAME cab, in which case you’d have to set the aspect ratio of each game via the game settings. If it’s real CPS boards, I’m not sure what you’d do.

Ya it’s on a legitimate arcade monitor. The screen is just stretched wide.

Can you check if there are any blown capacitors?

You may have to get it recapped.

I don’t think horizontal hold changes the size, I think that is for setting the frequency so it doesn’t bounce around.

BTW, MAME cab or CPS boards?

CPS-2 Q Sound cabinet (Big Blue)

I had this problem with a Naomi with a Sanwa 29e31s, not alot you can do about it apart from get it repaired by someone who knows what they’re doing.
Could be capacitors, diodes or transistors need replacing… :stuck_out_tongue:

u could also post on neogeo forums or

you need to adjust the horizontal width, which is the only thing there isn’t a knob for. It’s a more involved process. You need to get the right tools (or the right people!) to adjust the horizontal width coil. This link might help:
Just make sure you get the PLASTIC tools, so you can adjust it while the machine is on, I actually need to do this to my monitor too, I’ve just been cheap, and lazy, and well, my adjustment is relatively minor.

I assumed he tried that, if you didn’t then please try that first before getting a cap kit.

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT adjust your monitor with any tools while it is powered up, if you need to make a thread asking for help it means you are not knowlegeable enough to do it without potentially killing yourself!

Trust me, getting bitten by a monitor hurts like FUCK.

Also I’m surprised there is such a thing as a monitor without H size, every arcade machine I have had has Hsize.

Being a newbie and working with live electronics is dangerous, which I’ve almost learned the hard way. On several occasions. Almost, and it’s a huge wake up call when you do.

The plastic tool kit that SUZO HAPP sells will come in handy when working on this stuff, even if not powered up in case there is charge left in the caps somewhere.

Basically, never touch a monitor unless you are sure it is discharged unless you are a professional. You need a tool to properly discharge the monitor (not just unplugging the power, unplugging the flyback transformer also). Sorry to sound like a safety nazi, but it’s very important.

Some monitors has a wide/narrow jumper on the chassis. It would be easier to help if we could know the make of the monitor though.

The Horizontal Width coil is in the monitor chassis itself. You’ll need a special tool to adjust it. If that doesn’t fix it then it needs a cap kit. Chad at does great work and the repair is between 110-140 dollars.