Help the (quasi) newb!


I only recently got the game, and I’ve been messing around with it a bit since then. I’m not a “real” newb since I’ve been playing fighting games since I was 9 and play a good Ken, but I’m definitely new to this game and I don’t have a good grasp on the system. My biggest problem, though, is this; I’m trying to learn to play Vice effectively. Mainly, I’m not quite sure on the best ways to pressure an opponent with her, and I suck with using her throws (as in connecting with them). I know that she can counter fireballs so easily it’s not even funny, and she seems like she can control space pretty well, but I’m nowhere near familiar with her.
I would have posted this on the Vice board, but it seems a little… dead. >_>;


Pick a groove, learn that groove, then pick some characters in that groove and learn to use them. Simple as that, use the groove’s systems and sub systems to better your character, For example, Rock is good in K because he is a zoner and Just Defend just helps his zoning game even more.

First: Pick a groove and learn about that groove
2nd: Pick characters
3rd: Learn the character’s limits and such in that certain groove


Well, if you’re new to just CvS and you’re experienced in fighting games, the best path is to play what you know. Get a copy of the PS2 CvS2 and hit Practice mode to work out the differences between the versions you know and the CvS2 version. (For example, Evil Ryu is NOT an Akuma clone, for those used to MvC1.)

Also, start with playing one side (Capcom-only or SNK-only) and using a Groove from that side. There really are people that can’t properly adapt to opposite-side Grooves. (Like me. The only character I can cross over on properly is Akuma.) If you know SFA3, remember that C/A/P is A/V/X in that order, with P adding in SFIII’s Parrying system. If you’re an SNK fanboy, S is KOF’97 Extra, N is KOF’97 Advanced (3 charges only) and K is Samurai Shodown’s Rage Gauge combined with the rest of Garou: Mark of the Wolves’ system.

Here’s my example.
I was playing classic SFII, SFA2, and KOF. So I’d be using characters from those games. I took my standard Ryus/Akumas combination on the C groove and ended up doing horribly, since there just isn’t enough variety. Then I put in my KOF team, Kyo/Terry/Athena on the N groove. I ended up a lot better off. After a few defeats from the gamemaster of the store I play at (Gamecrazy Duarte, but unfortunately we play CvS2:EO Xbox…), I went for some different classic SF. I’d be in trouble if I even touched Blanka, since I’ve long since forgotten how to use him. But I remembered Guile and Vega pretty well, so I went with them. Two turtles, but oh, well. Took Akuma just to round out the team. C-Groove just because I don’t like the A and P. Turns out to be my domination team.

Seriously. Just play what you know and experiment a little in a console Practice mode, even if you have to rent. It does wonders.


Vice is a character that you absolutely positively need to be able to roll cancel with to become deadly. With roll cancel, I think she’s one of the most underrated characters in the game with some crazy good offense. Without, she’s pretty blah.

Anyway, simple grab setup: jump LK or low jump LK right into grab super when you land. Timeless classic.


Thanks for all the help, guys!
So far, I think I’m sticking with C-Groove. My Ken doesn’t need the super bar quite as badly (Shoryureppa seems to have lost some priority, and I get hit out of it on situations I used to be able to counter with it), and Vice seems like she really needs the bar to be effective (if only to have it there as a threat). N and K are kind of intriguing to me, N because it’s pretty mobile and K because I love Samurai Showdown (and just defense is 1337), but I’m not sure how well I’d do with timing just defense, since I’ve always been terrible with that sort of thing. Which is weird. Time a shoryureppa so that I’m ducking under an attack, no problem; block at the right moment, no go. >_<
Anywho, since 1-1-2 seems like the best choice, any suggestions on who to play? I prefer aggresion/mindgames, and no one beside Vice and Ken really seem to stand out to me. Team order suggestions would be helpful, too.
Lastly, how do I roll cancel? I’ve heard of this, but I’ve owned the game for a grand total of three days, so I’m not exactly familar with it. If there’s another topic devoted to this, don’t bother answering, but I figured I might as well ask while I’m here.


Im just like u, I remember as a little boy round 6 or 7 I was playing street fighter 2 by then I knew all the basics. anyways.

Im not much of a vice fan but I kno she has nice combos and her cross is alot like cammy’s (jumping over to the other side and tap lk)

what u need to learn is some combos then figuring out how to get it on the opponent.

if u want to practice just Defence I suggest u go to training and pick a projectile character then make him do an hadouken. that should be a good start off. The next step is too predict ur enemy’s move.

since ur new to the game Id suggest u pick kyo being simple and all.
Ken Vice Kyo all different types of style can really help ur game if u learn them. ken is more rush. vice is mind games. and Kyo is both. ( well too me) it doesnt really which order I usually start off the worse in my team to the last.

Roll cancel aka RC
I would prefer u not to start RCing just yet. u should learn the basics of the games like crossing over combos and setups.

if ur curious RC means to Roll (lp+lk in C,S,N,A grrove) and to cancel the roll into a move its like dodging and doing a move so its imposible to get hit when ur doing the move, only way is by grabbing.