HELP! They have my IP!

OK, I recently logged into eDonkey and I got this message.

and the web site says the same thing.

wikipedia says that edonkey was busted by the riaa.

shit! will the RIAA come for me too? help me, i’m scared! :confused:

sounds like more of a warning than anything else…

Yeah, it’s mostly psycoloigacal. They can’t physically stop millions of users downloading so they use messages like this to scare people into not doing it. If you’reworried about it just cool off the P2P for a while and go back to it at a later date. Remember use Peer Guardian 2 when downloading and uploading which will help keep your computer identity hidden from most forms of penetrative spyware…

some also says its pointless to have ip blockers like peer guardian or protowall because they can usually change a number of their ip and still get obtain your ip. but i still would rather have the ip blocker on though =X

Just say someone on your unprotected network downloaded it. Why be scared?

I could make a site that logs your ip down and sends it to myself in an email if I wanted to. Getting an ip is not hard and means very little… You have nothing to worry about…

insert derisive comment here

You didn’t do nothing. It was your warez and hentai addicted ex-girlfriend.

Oh! And there is a single flawless solution to this, you can delete all the warez/loli pron from your harddrive so when the RIAA comes smashing through the door they will all be very dissapointed that they will have no pr0n to fap to and will leave your house after killing you and your family, taken your blender, and breaking anything else that’s left.

That’s how you fight RIAA my friends.

just a warning everybody gets.

but who knows what else info they might have. change your phone number, get a new name, get a new address, back up data and recover your comp just in case.

yeaa, dont worry, just follow the advice people got you here. try emule. since you’re at sjsu even if they come busting through to your place, like every other student at sjsu has some warez or pirated shiz, so youre not alone.

okay, we’re (I’m) screwing around with you too much, bottom line is you have nothing to worry about, about 0239480293859 other people get the same message. And “they” refers to the edonkey servers and just cuz edonkey servers have your ip doesn’t mean the government has it.

cool. so does that mean i don’t have to delete my gay-child-beastiality-goatse-S&M-necro porn?

Hmm, backing it up will help, but in the long run if the RIAA want to search your computer, they’ll use data recovery that even reformatting doesn’t get rid of… Anything on your computer you have can possibly get recovered if they wanted to. Not trying to scare you, just giving you some facts.

Don’t think about it dude… You see how you’re slightly worried about this? That means what they did worked… They got you thinking that downloading is the wrong thing and temporarally saved companies from losing money. It’s all psychological…

As long as you’re only leeching and not downloading illegal material, I.e (I hate to say it) child porn, you should be fine. They have bigger and better things to worry about like mass seeders… They’re the guys who are doing the bigger crime… Suplying stolen material is a bigger felony that slealing stolen material. They haven’t got the time to bother with small leechers, simply because there’s like maybe tens of thousands in your state doing exactly the same thing.

Just be careful what you’re downloading, protect your computer and don’t seed a thing that’s illegal… If you’re still worried do like I said before and cool off it for a while untill you gain your own sense of security back.

You can’t get back data after you have formatted a hard drive and then re-used all of the space.

So if I have a 40GB hard drive, i format it, and fill it up with 40 gigs again, the old files are unrecoverable.

Akhem, if your want to be a pirate, you better f*cking seed.

who uses edonkey…that shit is ghey…

torrent is the shit now a days ! sharing is caring ! :wgrin:

I went to the website, and it also says it has my IP (went just to see what was goin on). And just by going to their website, that IS NOT enough evidence for a subpoena on your ISP or your computer.

Getting your IP logged by their website is not any sort of legal fodder, it does not imply you had malintent by just visiting the website.

So dont worry.