Help This Srub Use Ibuki

This Scrub is Me.
What are her Good Pokes.
Best / Practicle Combo’s.

And how do you handle grapplers. her rage is kinda short.

Don’t play Ibuki unless you want to spend an inordinate amount of time learning how to super jump cancel. It’s part of her best combo into ultra, you need to do it to combo from cr.hp, and it’s necessary for her best left/right mixups.

Practical combos:

[]s.lp xx mp xx hp xx neck breaker
]cr.lp xx cr.lp xx s.lp ->
[]cr.lp xx cr.lp xx s.lp -> xx neck breaker
]cr.lp -> xx -> neck breaker
There might be only one cr.lp in those middle combos, I know the s.lp can whiff if you’re too far. You can also combo off or her into cr.lp xx s.lp -> -> s.lp also combos at the right spacing. Her target combo -> knockdown is probably her best damage knockdown without meter.

Do you know about her kunai vortex off a neckbreaker? [media=youtube]Vef_qgfwQm8"[/media]

Ive seen the okizeme Cross up before.

and im not familiar with the STreet fighter teminology but i will guess

Cr = crouching
s = standing?

Also do you have any tips on grapplers they destroy me.

go to the ibuki forums… they are there for a reason


ibuki forum where? im new

Hint: Try looking under Super Street Fighter IV forum.

If you’re new to the game, you probably shouldn’t…


Have at it. Mash that Upkick