[Help!] TK fireball off hard knockdown

I can’t seem to figure out how to do this correctly. At times I can get the crossup, but I can’t link afterward. Other times I won’t get the crossup, and I still can’t get the link. Seems like whenever I try this though, someone always punishes me hard for attempting it.

Also, what is the best follow-up(combo) after landing a successful fireball crossup?

Thanks in advance!

best followup is c.lp > s.hp xx tastu OR hado FADC etc etc

it doesn’t work off a sweep, only palm and df throw knockdown

Don’t try it online. Seriously. You’ll just eat mashed DP/Super/Ultra.

I’m almost wondering about the height/spacing. I’ve got it to work a few times off of backthrow also if the opponent in crouching.

Don’t TK it. It isn’t as good. Jump and immediately do it. You get much better results and also are safe from many reversals.

Also you can’t do it off of just any knockdown. It has to be DF palm or DF Throw. Otherwise they aren’t knocked down for long enough to set it up properly.

Alright thanks man, I appreciate it.