Help to the FGWidget LED mod

Hi I need a little help I welded the FGWidget LED device and the truth that is a failure not turn me do not know if anyone can help me put some pictures Voya anything that can help me thank you greeting.

LED photo to see what that VVC and gnd.

three photos of the pcb assembly with PS360 akirabaha

If you have a question please let me know thanks

Can you give us some more detail. I am having a really hard time understanding you is English not your native language. We need info like what trouble shooting have you done have you wired sticks before

your wires are kind of messy it may be grounding it self out.

Did it ever work? if it never did you should test it along the way before mounting it in the case it makes it easier to trouble shoot and locate problem

Yes, what exactly is the problem? I am also currently having issues running a Fwidget off a PS360.


Hi sorry if I was not very well understood. I am using a translator my original language is Spanish. Well the problems are many.

  • First, when you connect to pc arcade stick this happens you see in the pictures, I only recognized six buttons the other two as a movement. "this is wrong right?.

  • Second LED module does not work, and I’ve connected everything right. Do you have to see the buttons you connect?. I have connected JAB, SHO, STR, FOR, 4P, 4K + a ball on the joystick. Do I have to necessarily connect FIE, RH and off 4p and 4k?. Do not know if anyone can help me thank you.