Help tracking childhood fighting game

Hello. I was recently reminded of an old fighting game I used to play as a kid. I think it’s a less famous one, since google and wikipedia have failed me thus far. Now I humbly ask for your help in finding my lost gem. I figure someone here might have it in adult memory.

I played it on my PC, although it might have been run on an emulator or something. It was in 3D, I think you could sidestep. I believe all the characters utilized melee weapons. I played a sword-wielding samurai-like character with a cheap jump-attack. I also recall an axe user named Mullioch or some variation thereof, an egyptian-themed female named Isis, and some dude with a Zweihänder sword who could own the samurai, making the player of the former sulk in a corner. Oh, and Mullioch’s stage used to bring the lag on heavy. That’s all I recall, this was probably some 10 years ago.

If this is the wrong thread format, forum or website, sorry for bothering you, and feel free to remove the thread, but in doing so, please throw in some information on where I might ask the question successfully, if you know about a proper forum.

Thank you

Can you give an approximate year? I know the game you’re talking about… I had it.

will this help?

Thanks for the responses. I’d say I played it around 1999, and it can’t have been very old at that time, considering how it looked. I have gone through that wikipedia page with no luck, thanks though.

maybe war gods?
mace the dark age?

I don’t think it’s War Gods, but it could very well be Mace.



Big sword
Axe Guy



mace was the goddamn bomb. played that game for daaaaays. no one would play it with me so i would just play against the computer and figure out combos all day. that viking was totally broken (and the samurai was totally cheap).

Omg Mace i remember that,the Jawa was really powerful also.

oh yes Mace, that game was godlike. i always hoped for a sequel, because the controls were kinda stiff, but the gameplay was loads of fun. sorta like a cross between a 2d and 3d game (killer instinct meets mortal kombat meets sf meets tekken). the samurai’s name was takeshi OP, and he was cheap. the big knight in red armor was lord deimos iirc. VISENCROOSE!
wasn’t this the first fg to implement interactive stages?

I can’t see anything from Midway being “godlike”. Innovative, yes, but not very fun and certainly not godlike. MK2 was interesting for a short time when it hit, though.

Nostalgia city :slight_smile: This isn’t the one I used to play though. I’m 100% on Mullioch using a two-handed axe and the Zweihänder guy not having a helmet. Cheers for the effort however.

:rofl:those were my sentiments going into the game at first. i gave the game a chance, and got hooked on it for a little while.

if its not mace, then there’s only one other game i can think of, but i forget its name. i’ll do some searching

It’s a shame that fighting on slopes and knee-deep in acid never caught on. Also,