Help tracking down some old ST players for GMC.COM

Hi guys…

Having some trouble tracking down some old ST players I would like to get hold of for a interview for the website.
If you could PM me your/there email or there gamertag on here would be great:

Jason Cole
Jason “Shirts” de Heras
Jason Nelson
Snake Eyes

Also if there is any other players you would like to see an interview with please post back :slight_smile:
Not sure when I can break into Japan for there players, but if anyone could help with that it would also be appreciated.

Thanks for your help SRK :sunglasses:

here is DGV profile: you can pm him.

thanks for the info… PM Sent :slight_smile:

Why interview the same people about the same thing? There was an already a DGV interview not too long ago.

Jason cole would be an awesme stuff.

I think it would be interesting to interview some players that are not good, but do a lot to contribute to the community. I for one would love to see an interview with Papasi, the most “not good” player of the ST community. What he’s done in the past 2 years in the west coast has been a huge help in keeping the scene alive. And the fact that he travels using money from his own pockets just to help with the scene, even though he knows he will never have a chance to win any tournies says a lot about his commitment to the scene. Also all the frame data work and hit box stuff he did really helped the community understand the game better and improve as a whole.

The fuck?

*** Adding DNGR S PAPERCUT to ignore list.**

no but seriously, someone should interview poopasi for his efforts.

I just poked you on GGPO+

@electronicdojo You can find Afro Cole on Twitter here :!/Afrocole he always responds to his tweets.

I wonder whether this strategy of interviewing “OG” players makes any sense at all. It might reinforce the notion of ST / SF2 as an old game played by men in middle age. The exact opposite is probably a better strategy, putting the spotlight on new players and creating a larger influx into the game.

But Geo, Cole still plays well in the game. Even Mars plays well with Guile, who is not that great of a character in ST. I don’t know. Do as you will.

You missed my point.

Interviewing both old/former players and new ones is the best thing to do imo. I think having experienced players talking about the game they used to play is something great because it shows the game is played for a long, long time, and it then shows ST has definitly something special. You would be right though if the interviews focused only on those players of the past. But if the grandmasterchallenge site manage to get interviews from both sides, then it will both give lots of cool stories and show people who wouldn’t know that much about ST that it’s a timeless game.