Help troubleshooting please

I have an old school arcade stick with an 360 fightpad pcb. My problem is the RB button misses inputs. When I touch the quick disconnects together it works every time. That left me to believe that it’s either the micro switches or the button itself. I switched both and it is still missing inputs. Can anyone help me? I can post pics if needed.

Why didn’t you posted here instead of starting a new thread?

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Very unlikely, but your QDs might’ve warped in a way where they don’t get solid contact with the microswitch terminals anymore.

Or… Hitting a pushbutton creates resonance that can cause the wires connected to it to vibrate (especially if they are solid core wires) - if your padhack is sloppy, it’s possible the wires are vibrating enough to intermittently disconnect/reconnect and cause dropped inputs.

That’s all I can think of.

For whatever reason I didn’t see that thread. Apologies. I’ll repost in that thread.