Help:trying to install silent hyabusa into hori tekken 5 10th anniversary ps2 fightstick


Hello…im pretty new to the forum and was wondering if someone here could help me out.

I bought a used hori hrap4 silent and swapped the buttons and joystick with sanwa buttons and a jlf…i did this bc the setup felt pretty worn

Im trying to put my silent hyabusa into my ps2 hori t5…but i cant figure out if i need a harness or if i can somehow wire the existing wires off the pcb to the six prongs coming off the hyabusa…

Any help would be appreciated!


yes you could rewire the original pcb’s wire to the six prongs, just make sure you remove the old wires from the prongs before installing the new ones. the old ones all ground to a common line in the joysticks pcb.

you would also have to remove the metal plate from the hayabusa in order to mount it correctly to the t5 panel.