Help! Turbo randomly going off on a dual mod

Hey Tech Talk guys, <div><br></div><div>I just dual modded my PS3 MadCatz fightstick soul edition with a Xbox 360 board from a brawlstick. The dual mod was done correctly as Ive done afew before, It worked great for the most part, until after playing awhile, my turbo function from my PS3’s pcb goes on the fritz during gameplay when Im using it on 360. My buttons went turbo mode while I was playing… Its weird cause my turbo LED’s go off randomly and my stick is originally PS3 and it only happens while Im switched to 360. When Im just playing on PS3 it works totally fine… I know that the turbo function will work (sorta) since my wires of the buttons from the 360 board are spliced into the existing wires on the terminal and the entire system works on a common ground but, I dont understand how my PS3 pcb’s turbo button’s functions are just going without me pressing it when I didnt even solder a wire to it to enable function while Im playing on 360… pls halp…<div><br></div><div><div><div>Heres what the setup is if it makes troubleshooting easier…</div><div>Stick: MadCatz Fightstick Soul Edition (PS3)</div><div>Board Dualmodded with: Madcatz brawlstick PCB (360)</div><div>System selection: DPDT toggle switch</div></div><div><br></div><div>This is supposed to be my main tourney stick and knowing that my turbos might go off during match is just not good to have in the back of my mind… Has anyone had this problem? If so, how did you fix it? Any help is appreciated.</div></div></div>

Is it possible that the wiring to the Xbox turbo panel is bad or unreliable?<br>

I’ve had this happen with 2 of my attempts on DPDT toggle switch dualmods. Anyone who can offer some insight as to why this happens would be greatly appreciated.<br>

Yo Flush! hows it going?<div><br></div><div>But yeah, I had this happen on 2 dualmods on some newer PCB Madcatz sticks and its kind of irking me. Any help would be appreciated. D; It went off on me in tourney today…</div>

No one with an answer?<div><br></div><div>I tried wiring the other ground from the pcb to the top plate like how the new tekken sticks are grounded, I hope this’ll solve the issue. But if anyone has a definite answer thatd be great. :3</div>

Maybe you cut the pull-up line on the turbo line, and it misbehaves when it floats?<br>

Had this problem come up on my Marvel TE, I just ended up cutting the turbo wire. <br>

Well, the problem has not been resolved yet. It went off on me during a tournament and it cost me a match. Eventhough Im probably not gonna use it at 360 tourneys til its definitely fixed, I still dont get the circumstances why it happens, I also had a conversation about it with Royal Flush and its pretty much the same thing he encountered twice, PS3 stick, 360 board, DPDT switch, doesnt happen when playing PS3, happens when switched to 360 but its the PS3’s board thats causing the random turbo… -_-<br><br>@Rufus<br><br>Can you rephrase that?<br><br>@nEvuh<br><br>Im not sure if there is a physical wire for the turbo on a PS3 version.<br>

The problem might be caused by a bad connection on the normally high side of the button.<br><br>Even if there isn’t a wire in the familiar form, you may be able to cut the trace on the PCB.<br>

But thats the thing, if it were the button or trace then I’d have problems while switched on PS3 as well. When its on PS3 the problem has never occurred…<br><br>I’m stumped… D;

Got pics of the wiring?

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<div class=“QuoteAuthor”><a href="/profile/18329/Call2Arms">Call2Arms</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>But thats the thing, if it were the button or trace then I’d have problems while switched on PS3 as well. When its on PS3 the problem has never occurred…<br></div>

What d3v said.  Also, did you wire the turbo buttons together?<br>

Completely disconnect the 2 PCBs and test each out separately <br>

I’m not home at the moment, But I will take pics as soon as I can.