Help understanding frame traps


I posted this in the Law thread but got no response. I figured it was probably a better idea to post this here anyway.


This is an example for Honda, but its basic principles apply to any and all characters.


Having frame advantage on block can help set up frame traps, but it has more to do with the frame gaps between your attacks. For example, if you have a move that leaves you at -1 on block, but you have a 3-frame jab, that gives your opponent a 4-frame gap to press a button. If they don’t have a move that has active frames within that gap (like a 3-frame jab attack of their own), then if they press any kind of button that doesn’t have invulnerability, they’ll get hit during their move’s start up.

It’s important to understand how frame traps operate, in order to find ways to bait your opponent to press a button during your attack string, so that you can land damaging combos. Of course, this isn’t the only way to bait a person to press buttons, but it’s one of the more technical ways to do so, all by studying numbers.


Thanks. I was kinda close.