Help! Understanding The Wiring Process Between ps360+/Sparky PCB


***Hello All!!! I am currently working on my second fight-stick build and i just received my new Akishop PS360+ PCB along with the Sparky PCB. What I’m having trouble understanding about the wiring is this: ***

   1.) [SIZE=4]When splicing the usb cable (i.e. In regards to[/SIZE] Nerrage's video post on how to wire   
          the sparky for Bus Powered Use).[FONT=andale mono][SIZE=4] After wiring the ground,power,etc... to the Sparky first[/SIZE][/FONT]
          do then proceed to splice another set of those wires using the scotch locks[FONT=andale mono][SIZE=4] and solder the [/SIZE][/FONT]
          those wires to the PS360+ afterwards?

   2.) [SIZE=4]My plan is to actually keep the end of the USB cord intact ( male connector that goes into [/SIZE]

[SIZE=4] the[/SIZE] PCB of the PS360+[FONT=andale mono][SIZE=4]). But sever the wire so that I can daisy chain ground, power, etc… [/SIZE][/FONT]
on its way to the Sparky then USB plug into the PS360+ so that I don’t have to
solder into the PS360+


      Any help is greatly appreciated, and yes I'm new to the 
        SRK Community as well....


       [FONT=andale mono][SIZE=4][/SIZE][/FONT]


You’re screwing up already by using scotch locks.
Soldering makes everything more secure.

There is the pinout that you can use on the PS360+ pdf where you can tap the GND + VCC for the sparky from as well as all of the signals that you need.

If you don’t want to solder to the PS360+, you can just use the screw terminals and jam two wires in each terminal for the inputs and use the screw terminals for VCC and GND


Thanks never thought of that. So I will have enough power for the sparky and the PS360+ via bus power without it shorting out? Yeah I don’t necessarily want to solder just yet that’s why i was asking… and is the VCC positive supply voltage BTW…?


You won’t use enough power to short it out.
You’d only short it out if… well you short it