Help! Unlocking my Phone!

Hi guys.
last week my sister send me this phone:
So, the problem is that she live there in the USA and i live in
the Dominican Republic. For those who dont know is in America near to
Puerto Rico and Cuba so the Phone is Locked and it would be $300.00 US
just for unlocking it, thats why im seeking for help!
With $300.00 US i can easyly change my old PS2 for a New PS3 or Xbox 360
to play SF4 instand of SFIII 3rd Strike or just upgrade my old HT5 and buy me
the HRAP3, HRAP3 EX or the MadCatz TE.

This are the Phone Expecifications:
IC: 4115A-TITA100
DEC ESN: 05411846442
S/N: 748FC43171
CS003-00 E

Hope you understand me and help me because i really want to use due to the
Wi-Fi and many features of this Phone so if any of you know about unlocking
cellphones or know where i can get that kind of FAQs/Guides or whatever it
name is it will mean so much to me, sorry about my english but im trying my best.

Unlocking definitely does not cost $300, what the shaqfu?

if i was you, i would consider doing research about it, and check your local craigslist because a lot of people on there offer service on unlocking phones

here’s one solution for $30.00, 10x less than what you’re going to be ripped for