Help..upgrading my comp

Well, i think im gonna go with this one.
it’s around the price I wanted to spend and I still have a few hundred to get a nice video card.

good list although there would be nothing really wrong in getting a 3800+ x2. Still thats user preference. One thing i would suggest is try and stay away from caviars. That brand of WD is probably the most screwed up hd ever made. I would say like 6/10 the drive is screwed up some way or anoyher.

I’ve never used the Caviar HD before but I assumed it would be good since I’ve never had problems with Western Digital products before. Good looking out there AkumaTX.

And true, there’s nothing wrong with getting the X2 3800+.

AMD Opteron 165
DFI nF4 Ultra-D
OCZ/G.Skill/Crucial 2x1GB
Seagate 7200.9

well ive had about 3 caviars die or come dead for no reason. The other WD products arent bad, but i think the caviars are produced somewhere else.

Order stuff from if you got the know how then build your own comp.