Help us find a title for our new youtube show!

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=arial]We are starting a youtube show reviewing all types of stuff ranging from Comics/animes/mangas/fighting games scenes/tv shows+movies.[/FONT][/COLOR]

Help us find an amazing show title. If we use your title we will send you some new variant cover comics from the new DC reboot and one year prem for


Media Frenzy

Super Awesome Youtube Channel of Bad Ass Badassness +

^^ lmao
I really appreciate this guys. ty keep em coming.

That’s Entertainment!
RRR - Really Radical Reviews (if you’re in a 80’s/90’s mood)
The Watching Men (avoiding copyright infringement for using the original name)
Complete Global Saturation

The Neo Maxi Hyper Zoom Dweeby Channel +

The Geek Media Minute

the “dorks reviewing dork shit” show

the SRK show?

Is this like a webcam show, or a real slick pro style one?

This Show Sucks, i mean you are reviewing shit right? might as well be ironic

^^its gonna be more professional/editing/ighting etc. than a webcam blog.

Ty for the responses. Keep em comin. Because we are lost lol.


Roughly translated: Super Spirited American TV

Bit Rate

The Rape Mafia

^^I think well attract the wrong crowd lol.

All things epic

Rushdown Reviews

Nerdy News and Reviews.