help using Kyo...



Ok i just got this game 1 month ago i’ve been testing out characters and then i came up on this site. I want to use Kyo but i need some help. If anyone can help by posting his best poking attacks, his bnb combos, and some info on anti-air moves thinks guys.


Try clicking the tab in this forum to display all threads from the beginning if you haven’t done so yet. Anyway, I’ll do my best for now.

Poking attacks:
St. RH (goes over Sagat’s cr. Fierce)
cr. mp (+6 frame advantage)
cr. RH
cr. forward
down-forward RH (slow startup, but good for getting in)

BNBs:, (very important link) xx rekkas
" xx qcf mk,mk,dp RH

deep Fierce dp (only one w/invinc. frames I think)
Cr. Fierce (not sure if this is good, though)
St. RH (from far)