Help using my te fightstick on mame

so i got mame .119 and i was trying to get it to work with my TE stick but its not working. ok so heres the stupid part.

my stick works on my comp i checked the control panel hardware gaming controls thingy and it works perfectly. so i searched and i hear people saying use joy2key. so i downloaded that and configured everything and i tested it on notebook and it works. so i open mame hit tab and set all the keys to what i had the joystick set to but it STILL didn’t work. but whats really stupid about this is when i use my keyboard it works… what the hell is going on!!!

oh and when i start mame is says like unable to absolute joystick 0 or something like that.

Much better emulator / Much better online play / Mame sucks xD

Mame emulator is better…

I had that problem and to be honest it just seems random because now my TE works on it too, all I did was just close the program and then re-opened it and it worked :S

Thought I heard Mame was better for everything that isn’t 3rd Strike?

You have to specify you’re using a joystick in MAME; by default, it doesn’t look for one. Look in your front end’s settings, or if using command line, add ‘-joystick’.

it should just work, hit tab to map the keys for your game.

If it doesn’t, get xpadder and then map your joystick to keyboard keys like wasd and etc.

gahh its still not working! this is really pissing me off.

If u dont mind using another verison of MAME then try this one,

MAMEUIFX - Download

I use MAMEUI and it works perfectly for 3rd strike as far as I can tell, the netplay for mame is pretty shoddy I have to admit. GGPO asks for some very specific roms but netplay is great from what I hear.

Also like Toodles said, you have to go to options->enable joystick input in MAME.