Help! Vega match up problems

What the hell do you guys do against a vega that isnt a fool? The only time I can seem to win is if I catch him on the ground long enough to rush him down before he can take to the skies again… is there some sort of counter for his flying moves fei has I am unaware of? BTW I first read the match ups thread and didnt see diddly sorry for the new post if there is something relevent there.

You should of posted your question in the Vega match up thread tho !! He also pisses me off to know end. If anyone has a good answer please post in match up thread

Focus attack all attempts of Aerial specials or just Jump back RH to beat them clean. I use CW on the ground game if they spam and if they attempt to df.RH you for a setup than just remember to tech throw or backdash. If you notice its poorly spaced than do poke. Once you manage to corner Vega than just spam CW in corner or spam so he doesnt flip.