Help Versus Zoners, Specifically Dormammu?

I posted this in the MVC3 forum originally. I looked through MVC3 specific subforums, and its all character specific, and since my problem is more an issue with a whole class of characters, I didn’t think putting it into one of those subforums fit. Also, this “Newbie” forum looks like it is for fighting games in general, so I thought MVC3 general was the place to put it. My bad.

I’ve always had trouble fighting zoning characters in games. I’m a newb.

In this game, the character giving me the most trouble is Dormammu. I play X-23, Chun-Li, and Trish currently, all low vitality characters. The one I can do the best with is Chun-Li, because she has an airdash, and once I get on him it is fairly easy to stay on him. With X-23, I am getting zoned out completely and having trouble touching Dormammu. With Trish, his black hole stops my spinning blade and lightning barrages, and I’m not sure what else I can do, since he is too far away for my traps.

Also, it doesn’t help the friend I play against who uses Dormammu most knows how to turn most of his hits into a combo for 350k-100% damage, depending on the state of his hyper gauge and what he lands to start the combo :stuck_out_tongue:

So, any tips for my composition versus zoners, primarily Dormammu? And any tips for playing Trish especially, since I am having a lot of trouble learning her.

Dormammu is very good at controlling space vertically with his dark holes and pillars. However, he needs to anticipate where you want to go next in order to control horizontal space on his own as his specials are slow and only cover specific areas. This becomes much harder for him to do if you are aware of the ranges at which he can create them and actively avoid staying in these regions. Dormmamu also has trouble dealing with beam and fast projectiles on his own as they can easily knock him out of the startup of his specials and supers, and force him on the defensive. So using an assist like Magneto A or Ironman A can make it much more difficult for him to keep your point character out. Just be careful not to throw out assists predictably as he can punish them from nearly full screen with Chaotic Flame. Once you are in on Dormmamu, be wary not to step in the fire patches he lays down in front of him as getting hit by one of these will net him a free combo which will send you back out to mid screen.

Edit: Most Dormmamu players will team him up with a good beam or projectile assist in order to avoid being easily locked down in this fashion. You will need to wait for your opening and be prepared to punish him for making a bad guess.

Thanks Vanilla, but my primary composition is X-23/Chun-Li/Trish (sometimes replacing Trish with Dante). Any tips using them?

We had a 50 match training session yesterday, and whenever I got close, his crouching medium always turned into a combo, into an OTG Purification, into a Chaotic Flame. Thats 75+% of my fragile characters’ HP. His crouching medium always is a damn good antiair, its too fast for me to dash in on, and it has more reach than my L attacks.

Would Mirage Feint be safe from Dark Hole/Purification?

Maybe you’re getting close to unsafely. With this I mean, just don’t rush mindlessly, and time your attacks with his so you can attack while he is recovering from a move or when his only option is to block. Tried to be more “safe” when rushing would help you with other super-armor characters like Hulk and Sentinel, which can also deal extremely heavy damage.

Dormammu can actually cancel some projectiles with his normals so don’t bank too much on using a faster projectile to get around him.

Eventually all dormammu players will figure this out.

I don’t think it works on beam specials though.

I haven’t tested.

Ive actually had the same issue as a chun-li player myself. I find that they can keep you at a distance if you LET them. Dormmamu’s portals and flame carpet moves can only go so high up. Use chun-li’s quickness to your advantage. Try to anticipate his move or projectile and instead of triangle jumping him, try and triangle jump the actual projectile. I find even a bit far away her M connects leaving them open to punish. Even if you dont know how to super jump cancel (which I didnt aswell) the default control scheme one button set that will allow you to quickly dash. I started with just regular jumping and hitting the button, then graduated to regular jumping and dashing by using the l+m and eventually learning to sjc into M to start off a combo. All of these methods can be executed SUPER fast. Now mind you I dont play super high lvl players but this method even if you dont connect will create pressure hopefully interrupting his zone flow and leaving and opening for you.

Also, as a dormammu player I can tell you that I have to spend all of my focus on thinking about where you’re going to be rather than where you are.

Try to not be predictable with your movements.

I’m not sure about all your options as I’m learning the game too but remember that you can’t pushblock an assist. So if one of your teammates has an assist that will pin him down then you can dash up into his face. It requires timing the assist as not to run into a super/special/another assist but it’s definitely do able while you’re trying to mix up your attack angles.

Not a 100% fullproof way to get in, but another tool you can use to mix it up and keep pressure on. (Very good if you fight someone who pushblocks a lot as the assist can help you get right back in after a pushblock sometimes).