Help very unsportsman like conduct at local umvc3 tournament!

hello im new here, i went to my first tournament it was local fyi. and my first matchup was against a black guy and we were doing button checks and so he kept saying “HEY LET ME DO THIS COMBO DONT MOVE” and i was checkng my buttons so of course im gonna move. So im checking my buttons and he keeps screaming “LET ME DO MY COMBO DONT MOVE” and i was like why should i? after a couple minutes i just put my stick down and sip some water to let him do his combo. So after i say “ready?” and he says “no! crouch i need to do 1 more combo”, I tell him this is not a showoff and if he want to perform combos then do it in the ring for real. So he calls me a c word and then gets up and tries to fight me calling me a p-ssy b-tch and all this gangster talk saying he gonna beat my ass. I just get up and leave but he rode his bike there so when i went outside i spit on his seat.

Anyways how unsportsmant like is that and is this like natural to do in real tournaments? let other people perform combos cause you cant do anything?

Thanks alot

Yes. This is typical. Be careful out there. I once got shanked by Ricky Ortiz for not letting him do the same in cvs2.

I learned my lesson. I wear a stab vest to every tournament. Also, I go to the TO or bracket runner and let them know the other player is wasting the setup and everyone’s time and watch them get DQ’d.