help vs hugo

how am i supposed to do anything if all his pokes beat out my pokes. i cant get in at all unless he gets knocked down by a srk

play better footsies?

low strong and j.ex hurricane

red parry, hugo players mostly do hand slam and low sweep, red parry the sweep, works for me, but that guys right footsies and those ex hurricanes own hugo up

keep distance and actually use your fireballs. Throw maybe two in, and then when you think he’s gonna expect a third, jump instead… Unless he’s got godlike execution he won’t use the back breaker. Tap forward before you land to attempt a parry then when you land, jump away with roundhouse because Hugo players mash grab.
Next time you go up, jump towards him and attempt an EX tatsu cross over. I dunno about cr. strong, because Hugo’s mostly spam st. Strong and that shit rapes cr. strong.

Another thing that seems to work for me, is waiting for his strong to end then dash in and grab. After a knock down I stay within distance of my low forward so that i can just start pushing buttons that can be canceled into super so that when he starts mashing parries, I just xx super. woo.

mixwell and you win.

I heard you beast whit ken

low strong builds bar.

the perfect hugo games goes something liek run away low strong, until you get bar then j ex hurricane kick him to get out of corner wash rinse repeat.

seriously that shit owns so hard it’s not even funny.

if people played this game to win ken vs. hugo is like a 10-0 matchup.

parry or die.

sitting just outside your sweep range and waiting is great too. you can reactively kill all of hugos options from that position.

Lol, anti-airing jump-ins. Godlike execution.

Don’t get predictable with jump-ins. A decent Hugo player will bait them out then 360 you. Jump back round house on Hugo’s wake up is pretty good. If he throws he gets hit. If he ducks, I think he still gets hit. If he parries, there’s not a whole lot he can do.

You’ll recover in the air and be able to throw out another attack if he waits too long too. Depending on when you do it you can still be grabbed out of it with a back breaker. Jump back roundhouse is my favorite jump in against a hugo. Empty Jump in land jump back roundhouse just don’t do it in the corner unless you know it’ll end the round.

ex tatsu cross up over and over and over

trow fireballs and when u expect he expect and other fireball anti air him and when you expect he expets that u expecxt him to bait him to jump then jump on him and do sumthing good and then do ex tatsu and and bait grabs for openings and use alot of mp mk dont use his kick overhead and you win now u can perfect all the hugos in the world.

this almost never works. you can jump out of most of his grabs, in fact there’s situations (and i don’t know the rules) where you can jump in and if he parries you have no landing recovery and can always jump out of a 360.

a decent pattern to bait out actions is to just empty jump back and forth over hugo (i.e. cross him up every time). not surprisingly, this pattern is pretty hard to counter.

also straight jump roundhouse/short/anything really while hugo is in the corner is pretty solid pattern to make him do something. you can do it twice and it’s pretty safe no matter what he does (block/parry/grab/back breaker) It’ll probably trade at worst with his low fierce as well.

so you can do that until you figure out how he’s trying to counter and then abuse that accordingly.

jump straight up strong works pretty well for me, but I don’t play very good Hugo players either. Cept adolfo.

I guess parry throw only works if Ken’s looking for a jump-in combo.

Don’t you know that AA backbreakers take godlike execution?

Sorry man. That went over my head the first time. :lol: I thought you meant stuff like standing jab or strong.

ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha I just noticed I wrote that too. Maybe I meant something else? I’ve been smoking a lot of weed lately. maybe that’s what it is.

have you forgotten the marvel vs capcom add? weiners dont use drugs

jumping back and forth like a spazz won’t win you the round. shootdown back breaker + nothing to fear from a throw from ken = patience wins. you gotta know hugo’s setups, also don’t bother parrying his jumpins unless you are gonna instant shoryu cuz he can throw everything else you do, (regular,360 or gigas if hugo is feeling sassy)
also a smart hugo is just gonna clap your fireballs for meter and then keep clapping till hes got super, so i’d forget about that unless you wan’t the fear of gigas to be a factor.

playing really annoying vs. hugo won’t win you the round unless your playing a scrub. if you are counting on all hugos mashing grab every time you jump in to get the win then you gotta step your game up.

How do you deal with a Hugo that takes to the air a lot if parrying jump-ins isn’t an option? If I DP he’ll just parry.