Help Vs Ryu >:(!



Ok so i’m tired of ryu’s shoryuken, his annoying crossup light kick attack (or the knee attack), his high priority aerial attacks, etc.

I just need a good strategy against ryu (or ken which is almost as annoying as he is), when I go to the match up thread all I see is “coming soon”, please advise…


So what exactly do you have problems with ?

Dont force to get in quickly. Take some time, jump or lp/mp snake strike over fireballs, absorb some, try to get in by down-forward-mk, jump in over long range with hp, dive kick in…
Cant really help you with ryus crossups… try blocking the right way, get out of trouble with ex messiah if necessary… stop using ex messiah to get out, when you’re being option selected or somethin…
Use the overhead in order to mix it up & going over ryus crouching mk at the same time.

You might wanna upload a replay or somethin… or at least tell me what i can help you with…



a lot of ryu matchups really come down to making him respect you enough so he won’t dp whenever he gets a chance.

that being said, Ryu is a character where you’ll find people with different styles usually either aggressive or very defensive. A very defensive ryu is definitely more of a problem for me but its still doable. Ryus who like to get a lot of safejump setups and mix you up into tick throws can be read and punished huge by divekicking their grabs into big damage, but defensive ryus like to keeo you as far as possible. The hitbox on Ryus is so good now and is a great tool for keeping rufus out so your options are really limited when up close. The best thing to do is sit outside of poke range and make him uncomfortable to throw out fireballs. From here you can try and bait dps with really quick divekicks and utilize rufus’ sweep to try and net a knockdown.

After a knockdown crossup divekicks can net you safe pressure and mixups without having to worry about DP, also you can get a crossup off of a sweep if you time it right

if youre out where fireballs are keeping you out play smart and dont jump in if you arent at a saf range because you will get stomped by dp traps, focus dash in or a throw out a tornado to sneak in and start pressure. when youre in its smart to respect the dp but dont let it keep you from pressuring him, rufus has enough health to take some hits trying to get in


Yeah, thats what its all about, dont get to scared by dps.

I approve of the divekick crossups, but i wouldn’t really go for crossups after sweeps.
The timing is kind of strict and whiffing it may hurt you really bad and it really isn’t hard to block or anything.

But yeah, really good summery of the Ryu mu.


What the others have said is right it depends on how they play; lots of people play Ryu differently. That being said stopping him jumping in is pretty important. If he’s jumping from close range then close st.hp is great, far st.hp works pretty well but can be beaten by Ryu’s at the right distance, isn’t great because it loses to most of Ryu’s options so only do this if your really confident.

I have to say though if your struggling more against Ryu then Ken you must be facing some great Ryu or terrible Ken players…


Aim to get into or close to his cr.MK range because this is when Ryu needs to think about using his pokes and when you can punish him hard with a dive kick. Outside of that range Ryu will be throwing fireballs and trying to uppercut you. The simple thing to remember here is that he can’t do both things at the same time and there will be moments when he’s anticipating your jump, so don’t be afraid to just walk forward. It sounds obvious but it helps to remind yourself what his options are and that the worst he can do is throw a fireball (which you can easily block on reaction to).

When he’s throwing fireballs don’t always jump towards him: use focus, snake strike, neutral jumps and neutral jump dive kicks to get closer. When he’s not throwing fireballs cr.HK and down-forward MK can help to get in or even cr.HP as a poke but it can be punished easily by a jump-in so be wary of that.

I think in general Ryu shouldn’t jump at you much as Rufus doesn’t really need to be pressing much buttons but instead concentrating on closing the gap. Should he jump it’s best to go to cr.MP (which should win cleanly everytime) and for cross-ups.


Try to take the time to analyze the Ryu player, break it down to where you can notice a change [if any] in their patterns whether it be chucking fireballs at certain distances, or what they do during close quarters [if they know how to OS divekick pressure, if they spam crouch tech, etc.]

What I WOULD DO is…
Starting the match I take the defensive stance usually backing away building meter/absorbing fireballs to see if they want to commit to advancing towards me. Here’s where you start thinking “Hmm if he decides to jump, will i be able to anti-air on reaction to whatever he jumps with”
-Generally it should be a ‘yes’ because if at any time Ryu takes that kind of approach [i’ll get into why players do so later, i know it sounds stupid but bare with me for the time being] be ready with your cr. strong anti-air.

or “Hmm…? he’s just going to walk? OKAY!”
-GOOD! Let Ryu close the gap, but not for free! Meaning condition him to fear your cr. fierce before he catches on [most high level players react with a FA, so don’t rely on this TOO much]. Either that or sweeps, if you’re comfortable with the use of it and you understand where AND when to use it. With that said, it leads you with Ryu being near mid-range and you basically put the idea of jumping towards you to dodge and counterhit. Then you go back to previous strat.


  • I can’t stress this enough… DO NOT take free damage from these. Believe it or not, I see Rufus players divekick into fireballs because they mistime them, or are too busy building meter and eat shit. Don’t be afraid to absorb a few [I mean you HAVE 1100 health, but don’t take TOO many at the same time] that’s what she said but if you must, then just BLOCK! Think about it this way, your building two types of meter while Ryu only builds one, he’s gonna come after you EVENTUALLY. But take the time to really see if there’s a pattern, because if you see an opening, then by all means hit him with that jump-in fierce, st. fierce, fierce tornado and make him eat that shit.

I know it’s a hefty read, but would you rather get frustrated not knowing these options? Yuppp…
Please give me more situations to analyze, I’m bored and don’t want to play online, so I’m sitting here in training room. [rather than studying]


Rufus has a lot of weapons:
>dive kick-approaching
>galactic tornado-projectiles, approaching
>messiah kick-mixup
>forward HP and c.HP-long range
>c.HK-very fast sweep
>LK>HK-launcher, target combo
>d/f MK-overhead


You really just gotta feel the ryu player out a bit. When you manage to get in see how they react to blocked dive kicks, you can get a more solid rushdown/defence going if you know what they are most likely to do. Also always be ready to stop jumps with Its really amazing how much mileage you can get just from those aa’s


rufus vs ryu is a pretty even match up in my opinion because rufus has tools to get ryu to dp which is what you want so you can get a free combo dive kick below his waist to get him to do the dp (i personally like to aim my dive kick at his knees) but anyway you have ton’s of tools to negate his fireball game at mid range & close range is where rufus can apply great pressure always remember to stay out of his low medium kick range your sweep is really good every time you get a knock down you want to apply your strong mix up’s you have tons of great mix up’s i hope this helped a little bit if you’d want to play sum rufus mirrors as well as learning where to aim your dive kick’s as well as mix up’s add me on xbl at xXx2 SliickxXx